Canopy – The Healing Seasons

Artist: Canopy
Title: The Healing Seasons
Keywords: ambient, instrumental, rock , avant-pop, downtempo, indie rock, post-rock, melodic

If you had been dead from a heavy night of partying or perhaps the real thing; big chance that being exposed to the openings track of this brand new release of Canopy might be enough to bring you back alive. It’s like sparkles of lightweight reasons to get up from your bed, sidewalk or grave and raise up your hands into the sky of life. The beat makes the back-from-the-dead characters line up and dance like new burns down into the horizon.

With ‘daybreak’ we have found our pleasant daybreak music in which an activity like a picnic in the park with our new friends would be a great friendly fit. Previously new born party heads share tasty sandwiches with zombies that had returned to life for a perfect day in the sun full of non-discriminating love. Rolling off the hills, playing some active game of badminton and just chilling out on the soft green grass. There is no shame here as it is all part of the healing season.

The ‘stray’ tune starts a bit slow, perhaps to give a little moment to be thoughtful of all what is coming. A piece of warm music that has a emotional side to it. It’s like being in your self and thinking about questions like ‘what is the meaning of life’ while still being draped and baked in the sunshine of a pleasant summers day. I love how after a informative old stray voice the music opens up as if an answer or at least a chapter of thoughts had been closed and we can rise up to join our happy picnic partners.

A feeling of happy and intelligent euphoria can be munched upon and tremendously enjoyed in a beautiful setting that is the uplifting ‘the change’. Beautiful feel good melodic music that makes even the sky not being a limit.

Normally not a fan of ‘intermissions’? Than this release will make you change you mind in a instant in which a analogue melody meets a intelligent beat in favorable happiness only to reveal the best track on the album: 1988.

1988 is a true beauty, featuring beautiful synthesizer work, amazing catchy and cool uplifting melodies that are like one kick in the heart of healing power. The great beats and lovely electronic sound is like one piece of music that should be the one that makes everyone happy with a little dance and a bigger smile. If we at YIKIS would be in charge we would push this one as ‘the single’.

A calm down moment of all the perfectionism in the previous track
Is ‘isolate’. It takes a more mesmerizing approach with warm guitar riffs as a reward for going through the easy going part. A slow dance with a partner in the romantic sunset might be a great partner with this tune of music.

‘Escape control’ starts as a bit of a dark contrast featuring a old sounding voice which gets every time it stops feeding its information a cookie in the form of mellow tones that at a certain times even closely turns in to a bright neo classical piano work that than again turns into a dark brew of shimmering doom.

The last track is one that puts the hint of darkness straight away in the bin as the friendly lights of pretty music returns to make us all happy for one final time. A melodic easy going prettiness surrounding a stepping beat that keeps the ears tingling from the all-round happiness. Who doesn’t want to click the following link and hear this lovable melodic healing sunny music?If that isn’t you, than please be free to click here:

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