Postcode – Year Of The Zebra

Artist: Postcode
title: Year Of The Zebra
format: CD-r, digital
keywords: zebracore, alternative, alt-rock, indie rock, indie pop
label: Small Bear Records
reviewer: Willem van O.

The Postcode band has been successfully returning happiness back to the striped horse like animal the Zebra. The zebras worldwide would be very happy to know that this do-good band has just released a new E.P. which sounds lighter than the previously released material.

It features all the Postcode trademarks of passion in each contributing member and instrument. You can hear (and if you watch the video above) and see the joy of the guitarist who is truly one with his instrument rocking it in one side from rawness till soft sweet ballad like fingerpicking string seduction. The voice of the zebra obsessed band is just as much at home in the rougher riffs as in the softer fragile-ness of the more flower power parts of the field. Sometimes the guitar overtakes all; but her voice appears to stand ground even in the loudest storm.

The personal favorite is ‘blue fluff’ because it is so innocently sounding that it’s like perfect party music for baby zebras that run and dance around to celebrate their first birthday. Not only zebra kids would enjoy also human children (young and the adult version that loves sweet friendliness) would probably do a thrilled dance; click clacking their heels like Dorothy but not to wish to go home back to Kansas; but just because of giving in to the urge of happy click clack dancing.

In general a very nice release with mostly sweet material that would make zebras nod their heads in enjoyment. This is lovely feel good material of a band that sound like they are having fun in a zebra infested planet of their own which is also nicely listenable if you have no affection or passion for zebras whatsoever. The music in fact is on its own strong enough to stand strongly on their own hooves and the raw pleasant noise rocker ‘boardwalk’ proofs their capability once again to make life sound good and fuzzy!
Get the latest passionable Postcode EP over here:

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