Fault Worship – 0/0

Artist: Fault Worship
title: 0/0
keywords: experimental, dada, dub, glitch hop, industrial, noise, plunderphonics, sound collage, surrealism
reviewer: Willem van O.

Chilling and flexing with a track named ‘FlexOn’ is possible if you wouldn’t mind the pleasant rhythm exposure to be infiltrated with a nice warm but extreme noise attack. It starts all nice with a slow distorted kick which turns into a rhythmic loop and then when it stops the ears are made to pop like a potato,

The second tune ‘dRaf7’ comes in as a flushy loop that is a good example of the well underrated theme of rhythm and noise. There are some breaks to keep the adrenaline pumping before hitting back with the noisy form of minimal dance music. When half way the underlying force gets more drill action the trend is set for a heavy night of tip toe-ing. You might want to adjust the volume to the ‘deaf-zone’ for ultimate enjoyment.

EBteam is another item in this experimental release but here the music is actually quite groove-able. You have to think of a nice swing in a drill of a beat that makes me want to rasp a cucumber or a block of cheese and shake the derrière like the professionals do at shaking contests. It’s all nicely coated in distortion and creates a real nice bouncy vibe that at the same time sounds like music for a militant group with the occasional gunfire.

A nice three track release that would obviously be a deejay’s wet dream to be played upon a naughty audience that annoyed with too many song requests. This will leave the club bouncing or some weaklings leaving; but in any case it’s a groovy destructive sound that freaks with a distortion fetish would certainly feel at home in once and a while.

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