Various Artists – A.N.T.R.X.X. FW14/15

Artist: various
title: A.N.T.R.X.X. FW14/15
keywords: alternative, indie pop, surf, synthpop, pop, japan
label: Ano(t)raks
eviewer: Mark X

This triple split from Japan’s Ano(t)raks label is a nice listen. The track by Kuroguremore features a nice cleat synth-sound that gets soaked by the vocals as if it’s a thing crowd of tiny blue lights so nicely pictured in the front cover. When the mist is cleared away the track starts to have a break that seriously could be coming from a trance like techno stomper that sometimes makes it big among the mainstream crowds. But before losing its alternative grip the vocals come back and together with the base kick, high-hat and clap they pave the way to a dreamy, yet awake ending.

The track by ‘Fabric 70’ is named ‘Everything Is Going Fine’ and comes across as a sweet sounding synth pop track that fits the blue sky after a fresh drop of rain. It made me think of 90thies band ‘Dub Star’ but with a more electro feeling.  I can’t complain in what I’m hearing, in fact ‘I like this song’ (even more than the others), which makes it hard for me to come up with some irremissible criticism. Nice…

The last track is ‘A Short Song We’d Love’ which makes music makers who can’t stop mentioning how much they hate the autotune tool probably in furious. So if you are one of them; please do listen. Heal the world, and start with yourself as why slacking something off as someone else would love it just the same? In any case the short song by Kyohei Yonemitsu is the shortest one on the collection and I think it’s cute and self-consistent. (Whatever that means). All in all these three tracks are for free download and give a nice little impression of synth pop / indie pop that you can find on this label.

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