Various Artists – The Unphysical Release

Artist: Various
title: The Unphysical Release
cat: Siro100
keywords: electronic, diversified
label: Sirona-Records
reviewer: Willem van O.

The Unphysical Release is one that you can’t perhaps touch, although you might try to feel the digital mp3 files with your fingers while they greet you on your screen. The first unphysical track is a fuzzy warm welcome by Dairyola. After this it’s a great time to meet the always excellent and very popular ‘The Captain Kirk on LSD Experience’ who can’t take it anymore to be mistakenly identified for Fred Durst. Luckily this build up frustration has turned into quite a hilarious and yet mellow song of semi seriousness with the Captain making sure we will not make the same mistake in the future.
(I wonder now if Fred Durst comes across people mistakenly identifying him as Captain Kirk)

The unphysical release keeps in the alternative zone with a certain Ohotniki Za Golovami who manages to marry industrial rock with spacey alienating electronica with a dark adventurous track named ‘Spider-Drugs’. Think heavy electric guitars, vocoders and a great tempo for spiders on drugs to dance on.

Randomatic Blast comes in with enough flubber and acid wobbles to get aphex twin fans a run for their money as they could just stick around for the wobbling breakbeat trickery of this fine artist.
And also everyone’s favorite underground artist ‘Pollux’ is around on the unphysical release. Here we can hear a Golgotha Communications Ltd. Remix of his original ambient work named ‘Japan’. It’s like warm streaming cool tones with a lid of a pan falling multiple times on a stone floor. It’s beautiful and way to short!

Luckily the legendary music maker ‘Creix’ also makes a great appearance with a pleasant track named ‘artist’. We can hear a stepping electronic rhythm being playfully decorated with soulful real live improvisational music that might be coming out of a sax. It sounds very beautiful and relaxing. It makes all the wild things go away.

Sascha Muller is also present with a chilled out track named ‘Soul Nights’ in which an easy going beat and minimal synth strings flop in to dance around a friendly guitar melody.
A bit of a contrast perhaps to the work of a certain chicken who had dropped an egg named ‘freedom’.

Genetic Trance comes with something that sounds also quite raw and joyful, a fat fuzzy electronic loop that would be something that alien punks would listen too. And if the alien punks are mashed on intergalactic drinks they could probably sounding a bit like the track named ‘I’m On Your Site’ by Postmeshische.

Grindcore figurehead Iamdeadsmiles58 comes with a burning shorty named ‘Grindcore Gave Gully Gods a Grave’ which almost seems to function more as a perfect introduction for the rather intensive work by RedSK that follows, than a real substantial track on its own. RedSK’s Hallucinations Brought On By Intense Anxiety’ is a loud and exciting work of noise that makes me think of people stuck in a hot oven, being squashed by a car crusher and even death by a visit to a rather busy and violent metal concert with fireworks burning the crowded place down. It’s the most deconstructive track on the unphysical release and the closest too being violent enough to be physically punching us in the face in a satisfying fashion.

Many have claimed that the artist who operates under the moniker ‘d0x10’ is a genius, so I’ll not bother to mention this within this review. His delivered track ‘1oq53Tq’ is a pleasant experimental sound collage that sounds like he has been re-pimping an old Gameboy for completely new sound purposes.

Balogh comes with ‘The Secret Formula’ that goes for a drum-a-long-beat and high beep noises that might be a high enough to be an authentic dog-whistle. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt’s But The Way You Push Means Everything’ is like a distant radio zone of bubbling warm and deep audio with twirling sweeps of nightlife. A nightlife that gets a nice touch of crunched distortion by the warm music of ‘Mita’ (with two dots on the a, but I’m too lazy to find the dots), In the rough sound a guitar can be heard doing a duet with a spoken voice before throwing in a twisted mix of quirky friendliness and yet a dark metal-ish soup. It’s a strange mix that for some reason works out pretty well.

The last piece of music on the unphysical release is done by The Musk-rat Cult and makes a nice sleeping beauty track for telephone operators, robots, and perhaps also for other listeners that are tuned in. Nice collection of tones that create a real sleepy vibe leaving me almost unable to keep my eyes open to finish this post. To get this Unphysical release consisting of 18 mp3’s you can click the following link: 

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