Funturistic – Rural Kerfuffle

Artist: Funturistic
title: Rural Kerfuffle
keywords: experimental, avant-garde, experimental, electronic, musique concrete, sound art, sampling, funny
reviewer: Benny the Goat

Are you ready for a hilarious but superb trip to the audio version of the funny farm?
Then now is the chance and the time as all the animals are ready!

^^ sometimes a picture tells more than a thousend words..

^^ sometimes a picture tells more than a thousend words..

They are well trained by Funturistic and all the farm animals of the Rural Kerfuffle are making an grand appearance with their own singing styles. The horses click clack their hooves as a drum,
the frogs quack like they have never quacked before. The farm dogs bark happily while the gooses flapper their wings in time! What a pleasant fantastic orchestra they form!
It’s hilarious and at the same time actually brilliant.
Funturistic is from Winnipeg… ….Is this perhaps a secret side project of Venetian Snares?

It took me three of four times to get myself together in order to write some words over here as I was turning blue from laughing my lungs out! A lovely release that everyone who came to Yeah I Know It Sucks for some original music and some good fun should hear!
Check this fantastic music out at the following link
(you won’t regret it!) Quack Quack!

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