Joan of Arse – I’m Fucked

Artist: Joan of Arse
title: I’m Fucked
keywords: experimental, powrviolence, gospel, rap, noisecore, stuff?
label: Small Bear Records
reviewer: Willem van O.

It looks like the serious label people of Small Bear Records has been gassed by the fumes of a certain Joan of Arse. A gas that probably made them all blurry and mystified to make them believe it was a good idea to release the Joan of Arse ‘I’m Fucked’ EP. We over at YIKIS can’t complain, we love assholes and the one of Joan of Arse doesn’t even need to blur our minds to actually think we love this sound of Joan of Arse, we are already equipped with bad taste and smell.

So without being under the influence of fart gas it is possible for us to give an objective opinion on this little debut release. The first plus thing is; it has a video! It’s one of those plunderphonics video’s in which it is not the audio that is taken from other places, but the actual moving images. The moving bits look a bit old and it might be that it might concern all material that became copyright-free. It contains mostly dancing people making a fool out of themselves in front of the camera, they are probably now all in wheelchairs, in elderly homes or death; which makes (even if there where copyright issues) the chances way smaller of someone suing the label of this Joan of Arse.

Anyway let’s get back to the actual release. It is a bit like listening to this psychedelic band named zZz after putting a few acid tabs under the tongue making it all a bit like a weird soup of sound, and sometimes it doesn’t even seem to make so much sense at all. It’s like a trip of walking in a music venue with a fried state of mind in which even just going to the toilet can be a magical adventure. I recommend searching for a toilet while the track ‘Elizabeth the Fist’ plays. Finding it and actually managing to do ‘your business’ in this tripped out moment is like a timeless day in wonderland.

While the spaced out toilet visit on drugs was more synthetic in sound, the title track ‘I’m fucked’ is like the tune from the video clip ‘Joan of Arse’ in the listening to zZz while filtered through the ears by a layer of psychedelic acid. The last track ‘Got no time for them approximate blues’ is a good soundtrack for when you basically collapsed somewhere in the corner of the venue and are fascinated by the fact that even the wooden floor has a magical aura. Just chill out and wait till the non-description medication are working its way out through the body.

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