The Wok – Shit Jazz

artist: The Wok
title: Shit Jazz
keywords: 80s, ambient, experimental, electronica, modern jazz, orchestral, pop, piano, synthwave, folk, industrial, jazz, rock, eighties
reviewer: Mark X

Shit Jazz exist and it’s a real pleasure to discover the real thing. The shit jazz track named ‘nightmare’ is like a non shit-jazz fanatic’s nightmare. Think about a free shit jazz improvisation that might not even be so jazzy but by definition is quite shitty. The most amazing use of physical jazz burps is one that makes the jazz shit at least far ahead in its originality. And in all fairness there are some (perhaps unwanted) beautiful shit jazz moments captured in this nightmare that are actually very pleasant in their melodic expression. Around five minute it really seems that the jazz shit really becomes not bad but in case you might get disappointed the composition of shit jazz will become all shitty again towards the end with shitty classical elements and additional burbs.

‘I can do a button’ is like having a steady lame rock beat, some eighties hints and more shit jazz. In the end it speeds up like the shit jazz composer shoots it’s own work out as if it’s a machine gun. A form of diarrhea jazz ready to be flushed down the toilet.

Cosmic Lullaby is one of the surprises of The Wok as it seems that the composer here takes the music more serious which actually turns out pretty well. A nice lullaby, absolutely zero shit jazz but quite a nice composition that is a pleasant listen as it makes me feel as a listener as if I’m being taken seriously. Which is nice at times like this being surrounded between shit jazz.

Shit Jazz’s Shit Jazz is of course more shit jazz. The beat is of course far from jazzy and the shit jazz singer ‘a voice mumbles as if it is trying to improvise while chewing on a prune (or a shit?) . The classical elements are hopping in as if they are lost and in the wrong category of music as other attempts of shit jazz try to give this piece a bit of hope. I guess this whole release is a nightmare for real life jazz fanatics, but as they are a kind almost as old as dinosaurs; that wouldn’t be a real problem. There is even some wordless shit rap being shat out while the jazz vibe becomes more shittier and shittier as if it is being played in a geisha place instead of a jazz bar. We can hear some jazz fanatic screaming for help..

And than the last track comes in which basically undermines the shitness of shit jazz a big deal. It might not be jazz but it is not shit either! Surprise, surprise! It’s a work that takes the classical electronic sounding violin and creates a mesmerizing little memorable beauty of a thematic allure. It’s not by definition of the normal kind but more among those tracks that celebrate the last emperor with a sensitive string. A great surprise of The Wok!

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