Ogata Tetsuo / Shhh… – Split

IMG_0003Artists: Ogata Tetsuo / Shhh…
title: Split
cat: FCKSPL 007
format: Floppy Diskette
keywords: experimental, soundscape, ambient, dark ambient, sound art
label: Floppy Kick http://floppykickrecords.blogspot.com/

Floppy Kick the Ukraine label who is at this moment in time on top in the floppy world, releasing outstanding music, singles, albums, compilations and splits on beautiful and reliable floppy diskettes, has another great split out on this wonderful format.
A true touchable flop that you can hold in your hand and admire while you mumble something like ‘we have come a long way, flippy’.

After a bit of a floppy hiatus here at Yeah I Know It Sucks, (it’s good to take a break in a while so when upon returning to the floppy fetish it is even more overwhelming than it had ever been before) we finally have returned and present you with another review of a excellent must have floppy release that features two dominant artists fighting for their equal right on each side of the diskette. Ogata Tetsuo ( https://www.facebook.com/ogata.tetsuo )& Shhh… (http://www.shhh-music.net/ ) are both coming from Portugal and are equally as fierce in sound that it will be a tough fight if you are out to pick a favorite among the pair.

Hand-numbered and limited edition of 18 black diskettes, with 6 cover variation:
The diskette release comes in different colors, 2 in peach, 2 in neon-green, 2 in plain white, 2 in stone-paper , 2 in vintage ivory and 8 of them are packed in corn paper (sounds tasty, right?) ogataOf course the floppy looks great, cute and beautiful on the outside even if there is the competition going on in the inside, but both of the supplied audio works could be considered as finalists in a soundscape competition. Artist Ogata Tetsuo brings an intensive session of considered sound that comes across to my ears as a buzzy passage full of young spirits that fly to long lost collage rooms in a university that only exist in the virtual floppy disk space and perhaps the mind of some spaced out music reviewer. The title of this work is ‘Elicoidal Sex’ which applied to the actual quality music does make the young spirits sound indeed as if they are in hot heath while they haunt the hallway and perhaps are even engaging in a horny sensuality that might involve the genitals of the listener for a stimulating listening session that you simply cannot forget and want to endure multiple times a day.

The work of Shhh… is just as great and amazing in its quality content than the musical partner that it had been so successfully partnered with. The music however is of a complete different order as there is no spectacular passage of young spirits haunting this side of the floppy diskette, but it is more of a beautiful stereo work that feels like a certain feeling of belonging and waiting for something. This might be perhaps a strange description, but let me try to explain it more visual wise how this track (whose name is ‘liberation of a city’) sketches a imagine in my mind as a frequent listener.

It is like a part of an American road trip movie in which the night has set and the character has settled itself down in a road motel in which the lights are shimmering and red and the outside streets are wet from a previous rainfall. I see a character sitting on the bed made up by hotel room staff that never changes the laundry next to a lonely cupboard with a phone on top. A shadowy figure waiting for the phone to ring, perhaps from a troubled citizen that needs help in saving the city from its lockdown on freedom. In fact the shadowy figure who has a low profile in the track might be someone’s alter-ego; a superman, superwoman, batgirl, batman, x-men, x-woman or just someone waiting for a call from someone he or she loves.. It’s all up to your own imagination I guess.

In any case this floppy diskette split between Shhh… and Ogata Tetsuo is not a dream and certainly a reality that you should get in your collection to lose your mind with. Both tracks equal in quality, but like movies for the mind; together two different stories that you get for the price of one single floppy! You can order it by going to the website of floppy kick and contact them through various ways,they even accept well hidden banknotes!

p.s. if this review didn’t convince you, you might want to read another one I wrote a long time ago… That’s how much I love this release (or how much these tracks effect the memory parts of the brain) .

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