Space Alien Donald – Must Be Funny

Artist: Space Alien Donald
title: Must Be Funny
keywords: weirdo, alien, fun, gay, pop, punk, space, experimental, hip-hop, rap, canadian
label: Related Records

If Napoleon XIV (mister ‘take me to the funny farm’) was an Canadian alien instead of Napoleon XIV and aged a bit without losing its humor, he might have sounded a bit like Space Alien Donald. Space Alien Donald? Yes! Space Alien Donald!

Space Alien Donald just dropped an album that features the pleasant seasoned voice of the old and wise funny Space Alien Donald himself full of alien knowledge cut down for us simple human beings to easily be absorbed and understood.

His great flow of rhythmic speaking in the friendliest tone ever to be heard on planet earth is like an extraterrestrial marriage of love with the easy going , at times punky & punchy but mostly silly backdrops of music. It’s as weird as it can be, and even though it being 2014 and Space Alien Donald is absolutely not from this planet, he does sound like he has been stuck on earth for a long time.

Maybe Space Alien Donald had been spying on the earthlings or crashed his UFO while checking out the ladies in the haystack. But whatever the reason is for Space Alien Donald to stick around, it’s obviously clear that the Space Alien Donald observed the human activity extremely well as his words are all spot on.

A real out-of-this-world album with interesting information about our cats (who are according to the wisdom of Space Alien Donald) are all space aliens. Punky music about a skateboarding hamster and of course the missing knowledge that ugly robots shouldn’t engage in sexual activities.

I can’t beat the words of Space Alien Donald in wit, so I’ll just give you a link to this outrageously fun record that the whole family could enjoy (including your space cat and hamster!) ! Great witty stuff that makes me want to say that if Space Alien Donald was on a mission to make something smart and funny, he certainly completed it!

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