Alan Lauris – Jezebel (single)

artist: Alan Lauris
title: Jezebel (single)
keywords: pop, electronic, electropop, jezebel, pianopop, singersongwriter, synthpop, utrecht

Jezebel is a song originally written by Wayne Shanklin and made famous by the house hold names like Frankie Laine, Edith Piaf and Anna Calvi. Alan Lauris the creator of hit songs like ‘No Matching Socks‘ and ‘Following Albert‘ covered it in his style and this time his music is not just catchy; it is infectious (physically)!
1This is a warning/review for this potential dangerous Jezebel cover by Alan Lauris that took a long time to accomplish. Not because the music wasn’t interesting enough, or had these special Alan Lauris touches and trademarks that his fans all so love and adore. But it simply had taken a special toll on each of the reviewers that got their ears on it as it was passed along through the hallways of Yeah I Know It Sucks. Every person that heard the song became a bit weird, a bit different than their own usual selves..

It didn’t take long to understand what the track was doing to each listener; it was turning them all into a Alan Lauris. It first started with a possession of the Alan Lauris in each person that could possibly still be cured with the help of a real life exorcist, but the second phase was that also the outside of each listener turned into Alan Lauris.
aaIt didn’t take long to have almost every employee and unpaid crew of assistants had transformed into a Alan Lauris. You could hear them sing ‘Jezebel‘ in the hallways, ‘no matching socks‘ in the chill out room and ‘following albert‘ in the epic centers of the reviewers office. Even the experimental sound lab workers had become Alan Lauris..

the Alan Lauris possessed sound lab engineers

the Alan Lauris possessed sound lab engineers

In fact I really wanted to describe or at least review this new single of the self claimed king of electrosingersongwriterpop but as you can imagine; I’m quite afraid!
I write this to you from the top of the roof of the Yeah I Know It Sucks head quarters as that’s the only place the internal audio sound system is hopefully not going to reach me before I too turn into a Alan Lauris without warning you guys and girls for the music that you can find at the bottom of this writing.

Alan Lauris is out to get you!

Alan Lauris is out to get you!

Please be aware that the ‘Jezebel’ cover by Alan Lauris is somehow a infectious piece of music that spreads possession and seemed to have a effect on the physical appearances of its listeners.. So please whatever you do.. Please do not listen to the Jezebel single of Alan Lauris.. Or if you are brave and have nothing to lose; please do it at your own risk.. And don’t tell anyone that we supplied you the link that leads to a possible take over of your body and in the end possibly the entire world population. Do not, please do not.. listen to Jezebel at the following link without considering the consequences:

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