Dot – EP

artist: Dot
title: EP
keywords: electronic, experimental, techno

Are you in a mood of so so.. Then please do meet this lovely little release of Dot!
As Dot will cheer you up with enough electrojoy that the so so will be banned to no no!

I want’ is the nice active speedy entrepreneur kind of tune. It seeks and sees opportunities to launch a bright tempo and inserts a electro roll of slight strategic madness in there with a baseline that sounds like the fine acid wobbles from a intelligent pair of buttocks. Great use of a vocal sample to push the energy even up a notch and you find yourself a happy track to add to your playlists of newly discovered favorites.

The Dot takes the ‘Matters’ in its own hands and clays fat beats and synthetic bombastic happiness for everyone to enjoy. It’s the stuff that keeps a smile while it also keeps a straight face at the same time; I mean it’s fun, but it is also well made.

With another fresh and lucky bright sounding electronic dance tune named ‘collapsing’ Dot focused deeply on the undeniable power of a potent acid beeps baseline that as teamed up with a groovy rhythm is a guaranteed success to get our sensitive alternative electronica heads moving like fruitcakes on fire! The fancy rainbow of melody that swings around dropping colors in our ears is simply the cherry on top of the cake.

Dot’s Dory is a acid house cracker that has got the right electro synth groove mixed with funtastic acid and all on a super right nasty beat that gets the whole place shaking, dancing and possibly flying! Even the limbless would move their phantom limbs on this irresistible freakishness that creates an instant party for anyone that tunes in!
Super delicious!

The very last tune on this very friendly and happy release is named ‘circle’ and is what people might say another example of ‘save the best for last’. And as everyone loves the acid baseline that is freaky and groovy we can all dance and twist in circles if happiness when this acid drenched cool and refreshing pleasure does its thing. Of course there is more to be heard, but you have to hear it with your own ears as they are much more reliable than the words on a screen. Get this release over here and put on a smiley face:

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2 Responses to Dot – EP

  1. Jake says:

    Hi, thanks for the review. It made my day 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    Trying to slalom a bit past the grind/noise/core to get the happy raisins out of the Yikis soup. It goes slow, because all these good releases deserve multiple plays!

    Ha, I found a cow! I think (Dory). What’s up with the stuff in the ditch on the bandcamp page btw? Is it a shrine for someone who died in an accident with a big bird on top of it? Or is it just a bunch of trash?

    Been to Perth btw (already ten years ago…) Best south-west corner of Australia ;-D (seriously west side ís much more laid back and super nice). If I’d go again I’d go from or to Perth.

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