Pod Blotz / Auk Theater

Artists: Pod Blotz / Auk Theater
format: record/vinyl / digital
keywords: folk, sound poetry, synthesizer, psychedelic, experimental
label Nihilist Recordings http://nihilistrecords.net/

Listen to ‘riddles’ by Pod Blotz and you will be surrounded with riddles. The biggest one is what it exactly is what it is and what it tells us. Other than the informative text that can be found on the release page, the music itself is as open for the listeners own interpretation and imagination.

Perhaps let’s act like professionals and quote some important information supplied by the Nihilist label that brought this interesting release out on vinyl:

Pod Blotz (aka Suzy Poling) a professional photographer (Los Angeles CA)
who is recently garnering more recognition with her visual art and
experimental video as of late. This, her latest work, investigates
electronic vocal processing, Moog organ & modular synthesizers,
creating eerie and haunting compositions, with a driving force.

Above information perhaps explains why this release sounds like an experience of being in a world that is free from a structured musicians mind, but feels more to me as if we walk and wander in a spontaneous audio world with a photo camera and a finger on the trigger in case we see (but mostly hear!) things that fascinate us. In fact my finger keeps on shooting imaginary pictures at every inch and every corner of this (what sounds like) a mutual sound exploration of the professional photographer Pod Blotz and of course our very own ears.Armed now with a photo camera I’ll go for a rewind and snap all the imaginary pictures that I can find. Mind you; I’m not a professional photographer, but as the sound creations are done by a professional photographer basically every snapshot you will take is a good one!

Who can miss the steam train that meets a modern one? Who can’t make a snapshot of the wild animal that seems to use electric hiss to stun, while it talks in a monster like action? Who can’t make a portrait of a fascinated talking Pod Blotz herself while being in the middle of this all? Holding on to the rhythmic steam train that clinches to the rails while it slides forward into adventure?
Every click on the photo camera of the mind is a keeper thanks to the selective presentation of the perfect visual sounds by Pod Blotz.

Driving at dawn’ is like driving through a perfect photo shoot location in which the lighting had been setup in a melancholic way so to turn every picture that you take over here in a artistic one. There are shots of mermaid tails flapping in the wind, bubbles of air escaping the bottom of the sea, exotic modern dancing with an opera-esque atmosphere created by our photographer guide that is obviously just as intrigued by the sounds as we nonprofessionals are.

Spinning Magna’ is another thought invoking piece that shapes in my mind the beautiful scenery of Celtic landscapes. Still in a way of transportation the sound keeps thing moving as if we are traveling in a object through the landscape that is worth every picture. The shapes of small prehistoric villages in the far distance, lots of green fields in front perfectly placed in a strategic way that the ground seem to be a bit bouncy. You can hear the change of the roll of the analogue photo camera rattling as the beautiful photo opportunities pass by our window of the mind.

Names Falling From Stars’ is a performance that is worth lots of your snap shots. A voice sings dramatically in a long and lost theatrical setting. The photo camera shoots as many pictures of the singing female that obviously is dressed in a costume of forgotten times and moving in a grand expressive way. We shoot as many pictures as we can in the hope that if we manage to develop them, that the scene is actually captured on tape and not just one of these ghostlike figures that aren’t actually there.

When our ears, mind and special made photo equipment reach a track named ‘Melt into the same’ the music takes over all visualization. It’s like a classical warm blanket that covers our reception completely except for the drops of water that fall on our head slow and then rather rapidly. It’s the music to forget that we are here shooting pictures of the mind with the music of Pod Blotz and just want to be relaxed, warm and pleasant (and a little bit wet).From here the record considering the photographic world of Pod Blotz has been come to an successful end, but as with all splits here the other artists take over. Let’s take a quick look at the official information supplied by the Nihilist label about ‘Auk Theater’:

Auk Theater features IRENE MOON, a professional Entomologist
whose work has revolved around the insect world and blending
this with her version of performance and electronics. Here,
joined by Trevor Tremaine (HAIR POLICE) and others,
creating a structured piece utilizing voice, various acoustic
instrumentation & synthesizer.

We can leave our photographic equipment behind and now move to the first chapter of the Auk Theater which starts with a bell that gathers listeners attention. We are being welcomed and seated as the theatre of the mind is out to begin. A petite moving moment of actual scientific approved form of music is being performed with what sound like original intended instruments like a flute and a piano.

A theatrical poetic moment happens when two voices tell a well written poem that gets rewarded by more pretty melody that feels like a pleasant play with a strange buzzing unstoppable wasp flying through it. The voices announce ‘phase 3’ and the zooming and buzzing goes through a low and warm profile shutting down all normality. ‘Phase 4’ is being announced and another line of craziness is getting broken. When we got through this mental barrier a small group of wishful words are being spoken like a fairytale with the authentic music being played like a petite waltz of strangeness. Little bells of light become apparent as we move pleasantly from side to side into ‘phase 6’.

In phase 6 the tension is high and mysterious. The spoken words are sneaking in the listeners mind like a hypnotic poem that gets complimented by breathing in and out of bamboo flutes. The voice speaks like a bewitching individual that knows exactly what to say to hypnotize without actually physically being in the room of the listener. It is here that my eyes start to twirl and the text on the screen becomes blurry and twisted.

The result of our newly discovered hypnotism by this theatric play is being now processed and the only conclusion is that we all are now mentally insane, crazy, bonkers and coockoo! The only thing that we can do is a silly dance while the music performs the tone of being nuts and happy about it.

Phase 10 is being announced and the craziness might slow down a bit as a slow step takes on a procession in which a male voice sings a pleasant way accompanied with a female voices that repeat the words like a confirmation. It’s a theatrical ending that seems to warm the theatre visitors with graceful advice of some poetic order and even though word wise it is above my head, I really feel that the intentions are of the good kind and you shouldn’t have doubt or fear to give into this theatrical performance that certainly succeeds to entertain the mind.

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