Ulises Labaronnie – Union Analoga

artist: Ulises Labaronnie
title Union Analoga
keywords: ambient, art, experimental, minimalism, pregressive, space music, argentina
reviewer: Mark X

Union Analoga by Ulises Labaronnie contains 6 beautiful electronic dream tracks of music that are originally composed for the paintings and sculptures by Silvia Goytia.

^ a painting by Silvia Goytía ©

^ a painting by Silvia Goytía ©

Ulises Labaronnie somehow knows how to translate the artist’s painting and sculptures in perfect fitting music, which makes the result simply just more than music but more of a collaborative match that gives a new dimention to the art and the actual music.

The first track (Geometrica) on this lovely electronica release is for me one of those music pieces that are difficult to describe because of its quality and style. It comes across as if it is music wise done in the futurist-style, with technical architectural electronic puzzle pieces that fits the accompanying geometrismos I Union Analoga’ video (in which the paintings are animated by Ulises Labaronnie) in a way that its completing the puzzle. Somehow the future of art and music that is sketched here isnt something that is based on a world in which robots succeeds to rule the world, but in this case the creativity of mankind will prevail and rule the future through art and collaboration. It makes total sense as the composer informs us that this work is  connected with the very constructivist art (Bauhaus School).

In Between Dreams’ is the second audio work that takes the listener on a relaxing audio trip with the pleasant more human sounding involvements of an electric guitar that seems to be the perfect guide. Under the construction of all kind of melodic movement our ears travel through our own dreamy minds in which we come across beautiful analogue realness that comforts in a humane but futuristic way.  It isn’t a real song, but more a collection of melodic ideas that is perfectly woven into each other without being hectic or sleepy. It’s the music that keeps the mind awake and yet dreamy enough to engage in the visual arts with your own imagination.

^ painting by Silvia Goytía

^ painting by Silvia Goytía ©

The track that is my personal favorite on this lovely release is ‘Incognita’. It is a little journey that starts with the breaking waves of the beach and through many beautiful middle parts ends up in the waves again.  It sounds nice and synthetic that for some reason has a powerful retro feeling to it in the melodic procession. The baseline is like a warm rocking vibe that gets so swiftly warmed up with sweet ambience and very pretty bright melody that will make listeners with one feet dribbling in acid wobbles and the other in synthesizer heaven.

Jeux Magiques comes as a moving piece of what sounds constructive and clinical.
It has the fine rhythm of something getting done, fine ambient patches of synthetic electronica and the human touch in melodic movement. It feels a bit like listening to a progressive work of intelligent science fiction that didn’t lose its personal touch.

Sensitive’ sounds like a nice mix of modern music and the feel good vibrations from the pleasant side of romantic jazz. It’s like Chet Baker comes back to earth and has back all his teeth to create music for the future with the mood of the older pleasant times that people still dig up nowadays for the right doses of nostalgia. It’s a sensitive piece that balances nicely between the future and the past.

More laid back and cool is the piece named ‘Contrasts’ which probably explores the contrasts of modern shapes and indeed more the earlier past of technology. A Theremin sound really gives this impression of still being retro while the electronic baseline and steady beat flows well with the melodic relaxing music that makes a pleasant atmosphere for the enjoyment of modern art with roots from many years ago.

Bloques Errantes by Silvia Goytia

Bloques Errantes by Silvia Goytia

Melodic wise this album is very strong and perhaps even seductive, the tracks are not done in shapes of a pop structure but surprisingly within its time length come across more like smooth retro-future-electro-jazz that moves constantly melodic-wise without losing its strong togetherness of each track. It’s really difficult for me to describe it sound-wise, but considering this as a loose element which really should be enjoyed while watching the artworks of Silvia Goytia it is recommended to play this album and do some research on the visual parts that inspired these pieces of well-made music.

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1 Response to Ulises Labaronnie – Union Analoga

  1. Linda says:

    This is extremely excellent! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Love the art and the sounds and everything. Listened it three times already, now floating around the office.

    If all art would be accompanied by these musical interpretations, maybe I'd go to the museum more often…

    About musically interpreting paintings (unfortunately in Dutch, but you can find a lot about this guy on the internet :-)): http://eyespired.nl/cyborg-neil-stedelijk-museum

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