agnès pe – kiki bonbon

Artist: agnès pe
title: kiki bonbon
keywords: devotional, gorenoise, goregrind, grindtime, midi
reviewer: Willem van O.

Kiki bonbon by agnès pe starts like most releases with the first track, but unlike most others this one carries the name ‘gancho de carne para sodomizar’. It is a strange one that to me comes across as listening to a steady noise-less pinball machine that slowly gets transistioned in to a scene of water drops and a light fire. Does that make sense?

The second track (escoger hachas para asesinos) is much more sensible. It’s the perfect music for a run around session with cute puppy dogs that woof excitingly while trying to catch tails (either their own, or from the others). For some reason I really feel they are pink poodle puppies, as they always come across as the most mental in puppy form.

More action is available in a greatly titled work ‘adicta a la piel de vagina’. I’m not going down to google translate but just presume that this is the sound of electronic figurative fingering with pleasant deep bass vibrations and stunned children who attend a biologist class that they won’t forget. It’s filled with ‘ahhaa’ moments of the youth and it’s an entertaining lesson.

‘la sangrienta’ is more funky and bombastic, the puppy dogs are now dancing in ballet tutus and even all the attending reviewers that noting down this phenomena are dancing while bending their eager bodies backwards as the legs do funny walks. It’s a party track with a great speed that makes it impossible to sit still and when the dog and pony show really takes off the lo-fi galore really makes you want to place one hand under your armpit and make sweaty ‘fart’ sounds of appreciation.

You can’t do it enough as the track ‘inconstante con el cuchillo’ just gives us more and more from wherever it comes from. It’s an energetic warm softness that feels like a soft fluffy train made out of clouds, running shoes and a friendly drunk sailor that plays some kind of instrument that might be a accordion.

Applause erupts at the start and through the middle parts of the last and final track on this release by agnès pe. It is named ‘quiero matarte’ and is a bit like the final in the circus. All the acts come in pushed by a tractor and the audience is over the moon from whatever the hell just had happened.
The poodles bow into the spotlight and the engine of the tractor sounds amazingly melodic.

‘kiki bonbon can be bought as a special PocketDISK (85x58mm) and it looks absolutely adorable:

the adorable kiki bonbon pocketDISK

If you have a pink poodle you really should order one, but also pretty listenable if you don’t have a poodle but really wish you had some.. But even if you aren’t into poodles, agnès pe will have other things to bring to its micro circus freak show that might entertain you.

agnès pe wrote something in English that might help you further information wise:
The lyricism of the midi protocol is refined into something like a dangerous narcotic blood soaked, dissonant and overwhelmingly bleak. Will tracks worthy of the dark and opulent time?

You can get the little kiki bonbon release over here:

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