Almark – A-Test

Artist: Almark
Title: A-Test
Keywords: electronic, avant-garde
Reviewer: Carrie N.

“This is a test”… Almark is a musician from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The music gives very weird feeling when being listened first time, but after many times on repeat everything starts to make sense, some sort of weird sense first, but slowly, very slowly, the music grows on you. Honestly, this is not an easy listening experience. I had the same feeling about few Autechre albums. Almark explores sound territory that could be considered nothing else but “wabi-sabi” in a more traditional context. Something unfinished, something truly out-of-the-box, something to be ignored perhaps after first listening if one expects something “traditional” within boundaries of electronic and even industrial music genres. But, give this music a chance, it’ll grow on you eventually. Mixing and mastering on the track is nothing else but excellent, feels like this is a work of a professional. Synth work is also lovely. First the track feels like electro-industrial/IDM stripped off of its key elements, then the bass line joins and it suddenly feels very warm, although this apparent warmth disappears quite fast. After many listens the track really gives some sort of apocalyptic feeling. This is really a test, first a test of patience, then a test of perception. If the test is passed, you’ll just get what Almark means. There’s no alternative.

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3 Responses to Almark – A-Test

  1. Almark says:

    Short and sweet, thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I must be weird cuz I loved it on the first listen! Weirdos unite!!

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