James Ian McKenzie – Capital

artist: James Ian McKenzie
title: Capital
keywords: alternative, acoustic, guitar, folk, vocal
label: 4-4-2 music http://www.4-4-2music.com/
reviewer: Mark X

Here comes the mayonnaise:

James Ian McKenzie is someone who comes across as someone who is able to do multiple things at the same time. Here on this two track release he for example shows his charm, plays a acoustic instrument, sings the word of self written lyrics and records it all by himself.

Just to add more proof that James Ian McKenzie doesn’t do a half job is that this release could easily be a single song, but not under James Ian McKenzie’s watch as here there are actually two songs. Of course James Ian McKenzie did also the artwork for the release, but still the most pleasant thing is his ability to play the guitar and sing at the same time.

His voice is no golden eagle or one that stands like a house, but that works out well in his favor. He sounds like a normal person, no high society snob who looks down on the poor music tastes and flavors but he comes across more as someone who can be a friend. Someone who knows how to make a campfire, someone to hold on to when a bear approaches the tent as James Ian McKenzie sounds trustworthy and unlike second grade backpackers he presumably knows how to handle ‘situations’.

A lot of character trades can be read by just hearing these two songs by James Ian McKenzie. Of course there is no way to proof if these findings are right or wrong, but let’s presume that everything we write at Yeah I Know It Sucks is the truth and besides all this bonus information (either it being real or nonsense) does fill up this review tremendously.

Nobody is interested in reading a synopsis like ‘…it’s a dude who sings with a guitar..’ so we just add some mayonnaise on top to make it extra attractive. Besides James Ian McKenzie does sound like he is one of the good guys and if you manage to go out camping with him and he performs his songs next to a campfire; you sure have to count yourself a lucky person.

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  1. Hey, thanks for reviewing my songs!

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