Pollux & Lullabynight – Morsure

Artists: Pollux & Lullabynight
title: Morsure
cat: Siro340
keywords:dark ambient, field recording
label: Sirona-Records

Most people that I know make selfies in the bathroom, and more than a quart of them do it while seated on a toilet as they empty their bowels. The facial expression of the moment just makes you look prettier, I guess. I’m different (or at least at this toilet session that I am experiencing at this moment in time) as instead of making a selfie, I listen in a atmospheric setting to a experimental work done by Pollux and Lullabynight. I listen while seated but switched off the toilet room lights just to make the concentration larger considering that I’m not obstructed by the things you can see in a toilet room.

It is here that I report to you about my findings of the 11+ Minute during episode of the collaborative audio work named ‘Morsure’. The biggest remark that I can make is that the front cover is very fitting in the actual sound piece. There is this layer of mysterious fieldrecording that sounds wet and dark mixed with a synthetic drone tone that creates a warm but intensive form of pressure. I am not talking about bowel pressure but more as if the sound is the audio setup for a thriller in which a wolf like beast is lurking in the darkness, blowing breath in your neck as it observes you as a possible snack to still its hungry stomach.

It’s a dark and misty episode and you can hear the growl of the beast hiding in the atmospheric darkness that even makes a normal situation of being seated on a toilet without the lights on into a psychological thrilling experience. The soundtrack opens up more depth with the visual sounds of a lonely passing train in the background and an unstoppable flow of soft cold air. The outside world goes away leaving me more frightened and alone in the poop zone.

The darkness keeps shimmering and all attention is focused on the little room of darkness and the black sound that gets more minimal and personal until the moment that the monster claws come out and a pair of unexpected large teeth releases us out of our thrilling misery. There is a happy ending as it is of course just powerful music and nobody actually gets eaten by a monster coming out of the shitter or whatever it can hide in the place that you are listening this release from. Plus the hungry beast sounds like it enjoys a quick snack of the fresh meat of a listener; so it’s all good! Join me as food over here:

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