Zoran – Primitive EP

artist: Zoran
title: Primitive EP
keywords: ambient, experimental, drone
label: Charlotte Sometimes
reviewer: Bea Ullshit

Two brothers from Nazarje, Slovenia.
One named Zoran Peternelj and the other Borut Peternelj. They are both responsible for the content of a two track EP named ‘Primitive’. It isn’t very clear who does what sound-wise, but as they keep it in the family I guess it doesn’t really matter; except that Zoran seems to get most credit of this work.

Let’s say that all sounds and music that you can hear are done by the brothers Peternelj and if it sounds actually primitive is not to me to judge. Or perhaps it is.. The thing is that the word ‘primitive’ makes me think of caveman and some duplodokus trying to make a fire with a stone and a stick. Fred Flintstone is ‘primitive’ although also quite inventive for a cartoon. The closest that I am familiar with ‘primitive’ music wise is ‘primitive black metal’ which as far as I know sounds indeed a bit like a bunch of primitive caveman grunting while hammering their rocks and play their hair as if they are guitar strings. That’s what my ears think when talking about ‘primitive’, but what these brothers do here sounds nothing like that.

No caveman to be seen, no grunting, no fire made with a rock and a stick and definitely no Hanna Barbara cartoon. So what is ‘primitive’ and do we have to adjust our minds to the music of these Peternelj brothers? Let’s check the dictionary like a real dick;

being the first or earliest of the kind or in existence, especially in an early age of the world:
primitive forms of life.
early in the history of the world or of humankind.

…well… That isn’t very helpful is it? Primitive can mean anything. From the first steps of evolution and the Big Bang to some apostle writing down the word of a religion… I mean we weren’t there, right? Early history of humankind? Is there any granny who can tell us what primitive is? I guess let’s abandon the word primitive and act as if we can rewrite history with the primitive EP by the Peternelj brothers as if it was the first thing that ever happened in the history of humankind.

….Really, really long times ago there was a guy named Zoran and his brother named Borut. They were one of the first people to exist. In fact they are primitive people, making primitive music because they are from a primitive time in our history. Their music sound in our futuristic future quite modern, but like all primitive histories sometimes intelligence and amazing evolved things are swapped away through the age of time.

Look at the pyramids or Stonehenge for primitive examples that we today have no real explainations for. The same as for the music of the Peternelj brothers; there is no explanation how the primitive world created by these two sound so intelligent and crystal clear for such a primitive audio work.

The first part might be based on a rhythm that might be played by hand and could indeed be applied to some primitive way of music making, but quality of sound and recording is actually more crystal clear than most audio recordings in the nowadays.

The most amazing part is the primitive work that goes in to the second part of this primitive creation of brothers as this is really top notch ambient with deep sound effects and wandering warmth that can’t be possible done by moving two stones or sticks together. It sounds very intelligent and advanced which makes me think that our history books are worthless as they always sketches primitive worlds as being occupied with simple human retards that don’t even have wheels and communicate by hitting each other’s heads with sticks and stones.

The Peternelj brothers simply show otherwise by making ‘ primitive’ sound modern and herby proof that history books are deceptive in glorifying the modern future and laughing at the silly past.
Screw history teachers with the new Primitive EP downloadable over at the following link:

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