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Randomatik Blast – Ecclectik

Artist: Randomatik Blast title: Ecclectik cat: Siro009 keywords: acid, breakbeat, breakcore, drum & bass, electronic, experimental, techno label: Sirona-Records reviewer: Acid Pete First things first. Welcome at this so called review of praise. The second thing is ‘welcome to party awesomeness! … Continue reading

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Rudolph West – anti cinema pictures’ special

Artist: Rudolph West keywords: movies, alternative movies, anti cinema, experimental, soundscape, movie, art, horror words by: Reindeer Cigarette Booh! It’s Halloween and it’s a day of sucking. Sucking on a horrid piece of candy, a Popsicle or someone’s horrific looking … Continue reading

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mutaHERTZ – Fantastic Planetscapes

Artist: mutaHERTZ title: Fantastic Planetscapes cat: ARGREC25 keywords: experimental, ambient, avant-garde, dark ambient, drone, planetscapes label: Argali Records Netlabel reviewer: a tiny, tiny, tiny humanoid mutaHERTZ is a hybrid artist made up with the genes of I.v.Martinez and Jack … Continue reading

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Urinal Shit – Something Isn’t Quite Right

Artist: Urinal Shit title: Something Isn’t Quite Right keywords: messy noisecore, goregrind label: Mastoiditis Recordings reviewer: Mark X This re-release of a classic ‘Urinal Shit’ production brings our ears to the nearest public ‘restroom’ for a instant performance with real … Continue reading

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Flat Affect, &Others, Proud//Fathers – A First Time for Everything

Artists: Flat Affect, &Others, Proud//Fathers title: A First Time for Everything cat: FSCD 08 format: CDr keywords: experimental, avant-garde, free improvisation, noise, Panama City label: Fora and Spoon Records Under the cover of this great artwork shoots out a … Continue reading

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Eoforwine / Raven – Split

Artists: Eoforwine / Raven title: Split keywords: ambient, noise, ambient noise, live performance, experimental, romantic noise, lobit cat: fckspl 010 format: Floppy Diskette label: Floppy Kick When the music by two artists is captured on a single floppy diskette, … Continue reading

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merx & nystada – Turbulence

artists: merx & nystada title: Turbulence cat: waag_rel059 keywords: ambient, electronica, experimental, electronic, krautrock, Motherwell label: weareallghosts reviewer: Mark X mere & nystada joined each other to work together on a release, 7 tracks came out of it and … Continue reading

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