Vadim Kotinskiy – Night In Amsterdam

Artist: Vadim Kotinskiy
Title: Night In Amsterdam
Keywords: minimal tech house
Label: Deep-X Recordings

Every artist sees and experience things differently. The following one named Vadim Kotinskiy for example had probably visited the city of Amsterdam and created a dancetrack for it called ‘a night In Amsterdam’, for some reason it sounds a bit different than how my own troubled memory would describe the city. Even though the track is deep minimal tech house style that wouldn’t sound misplaced in a popular dance club, it also comes across as if it has sniffed the darker side of the city of Amsterdam. It isn’t very hard to imagine walking in the night through the alleyways, next and over canals to see a bit of a culture clash that might be a bit teary eyed material. The smell of beer and piss of drunk people that couldn’t find a toilet to pee in, the red lights with prostitutes in lingerie standing behind windows, the sound of Bob Marley escaping some coffeeshops and the misleadingly named smart shop, the bicycle thieves and arguing junkies in front of the old post office.

The next track is ‘lunar girl’ and strangely I have a friend that is a lunar girl with i had some good times down in Amsterdam. We had some great art spirit and celebrated the good use of Ecuadorian mushrooms while being in the clouds of fun and high on lunar coffee. She is now living in Brazil and had recently send some of her music over that although is still in the beginning phase, it does sound a bit like the ‘lunar track’ done by Vadim Kotinskiy so it’s in my opinion a dance track that is spot on ‘lunar girl-wise’

The third and last track is in my opinion the nicest on this threesome of minimal techno tunes. It has a melodic approach with gloomy but pretty expression that mostly should be described as melancholic. It fits it’s title ‘the leaving train’ very well as you can just feel the unknown landscape passing by the window as we sit in the leaving train. It sounds for some reason very European to me, it might be that the train passes through Germany for some Kraftwerk and through France for some quick croissants. But all pitstops aside; a nice melodic minimal dance track that has an emotional appearance is not an unpleasant sight. If minimal tech house is your thing than swing yourself over to the next link and get these three pieces by Vadim Kotinskiy for free:

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4 Responses to Vadim Kotinskiy – Night In Amsterdam

  1. Linda says:

    As someone from Amsterdam I’d say it sounds like a Berlin night instead. And that’s a compliment!

    Or it must be a festival night in summer, but then the cover doesn’t match the ambiance of the song. Would be interested in the artists’ inspirations on the song 🙂

    Songs sound good for a long car drive ❤

  2. Vadim Kotinskiy says:

    I just write the tracks as I see them !!! That is, in reality ….. !! From the beginning … I do not much sketch ..! Throw off it in my player and go to the depths of the night …. depth of the city at night .. !! and then I imagine what will happen …… and I see it all in the music !! and so it turns ….. such deep tracks …! Sense and the whole story …..

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