Various Artists – people shit on everything and are surprised that they only see shit – weakie discs audio zine #5

Artists: Various
title: people shit on everything and are surprised that they only see shit – weakie discs audio zine #5
keywords: alternative, DIY, audio zine, cassette, culture, experimental, lo-fi, singer-songwriter, Poland
label: Weakie Discs

The Polish based weakie discs label has been leaking a lot of quality releases lately. The Weakie discs founder is still trapped in an embassy as a wanted man, not because of the leaking of great music and quality DiY packaging, but because of a dodgy case of misidentification. We at Yeah I Know It Sucks wish him all the best and salute him and Weakie discs for all the excellent goodies that are dropped on the internet and of course the even more amazing physical versions of these weakie works! It might not be easy to leak them out of the embassy and the great efforts of getting all these things out even though being confined is truly something that deserves our outmost dignified respect and support.

Respect to Weakiediscs!!

Okay, after getting all the formalities out of the way it might be an excellent time to take some of the precious time and leak some of our own words for Weakie discs latest leaked information package.
It’s the fifth package of this kind and is yet again filled with top secrets that now have come to light through music escapades of the hard working crew of Weakie discs.

Of course all the important information is secretly encoded in music, but the messages to the world is still shockingly relevant. Take this transcription of information brought to us by a secretive musician named Lxxxnie; milk. In which it becomes troubling clear that all misinformation that goes around about milk cannot be trusted as only Lxxxnie seems to know the truth and the important facts of Milk. Don’t dig into it if you want to stay unaware like a sheep, but otherwise your brain might be hopelessly intrigued with new and vital milk information.

Unusual Behavior is not just unusual behavior; it is also the code name of another artist that had made information available by joining this weakie discs pack. In transcoded chapter ‘dust of the dead’ your brain will be informed of the great living male that live on to snort the dust of the dead to live a powerful elite life of great desire. A work that gets its point across by supplying electronic beats, a voice and a sound that makes me think of this viral YouTube video in which a man cries rather awkwardly.

The information goes on with a producer named ‘La Capra’ and an electronic piece that sounds like a stepping track with ambient elements and crucial information in vocal form. At this moment in time our deciphers are still working hard to figure out what the secret audio recording of people engaged in conversation is all about, but perhaps you are able to translate it and spoil the beans for all of us?

The composer and secret agent Misko Czerkas sings in a special pronunciation in a special kind of English that can only be brought by a special voice that luckily Misko Czerkas has. It takes wide open ears but the top secret information that is supplied has some crucial things on Obama dancing with the dalai lama.. Yep! Not to be missed music that you have to leak even further among friends and complete strangers!

Rzo I krowodrzanie message is one in a universal one; pretty music rules the scene from fellow human being to other fellow human beings. A cute melody and enough space to take some time to absorb it all. All solidly finished with the singers pleasant and strong voice.

Silke Berlinn is perhaps carrying the most impressive information done in a surprising piece of music that with all due respect will simply surprise the listener in style and form. Surprise in the good way as it sounds unlike anything that we had heard over here for a very long time. It’s a powerful song that is done for family swing times and has some important passage of amphetamines inside!

The last chapter on the leaked pack of information by Weakie discs is done by Blob. It’s transmitted and recorded while the spoken word artist sharpens the knives on the table and plays the folk-ish melancholia to give each word more meaning. Our translators at Yeah I Know It Sucks are still working around the clock to translate but its obvious sound wise that somewhere in the information a pig (or multiple pigs) is being slaughtered with the just sharpened knives. That’s the way to seal a deal.

Get this package of leaked music by Weakie discs over at the following link and spread the word:

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  1. As for blob: spoken word is really crucial for that band, that is why their music is aimed rather at Polish-speaking audience. Just to reveal a bit about reviewed song: indeed, the main subject of it is pig slaughter, but the irony is that the whole lyrics are taken from a kind of a butchery guidebook for beginners… you can read there how to kill a pig properly, and how to be humanitarian while doing so, it also contains guidelines for meat cutting and its further processing. Fascinating, isn‘t it? Here is the video for “Adagio”:

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