4-4-2 Music – reclaim melody

Artists: 4-4-2 music
Title: reclaim melody
Keywords: alternative, electronic, acousmatic, compilation
Label: 4-4-2 music http://www.4-4-2music.com/

This ‘reclaim melody’ is the first release that the 4-4-2 Music label had put out and reading their information text you can be a bit overwhelmed by the nostalgia of the label itself and the good old days that this compilation was given out for free on cd’s and made available on archive.org with the message to enjoy and copy it for friends and other loved ones. There is also a nice explanation why it is titled ‘reclaim melody’ and a synopsis would be that the Beatles stole it and 4-4-2 took it back without throwing in melodic overkill. Shall we give it a listen?

Don’t count on the The Jason Folder Decapitation as it supplies an introduction that clearly states to count this track out. So let’s skip it and move on with a fresh start by listening to ‘Long Distance Romance’ by Bubblejuggler. The ears can hear the recorded sounds of a long distance trip by train to a romantically involved one or perhaps the trip to return home from this special visit. Bubblejuggler sings with his guitar along the long distance travel. Sometimes a drumkit pops up providing the guidelines for the movement of the train as well as more electronic synth sounds that emulate the speedy flow over the railroad of long distance love.

Andy Rantzen gives the listener a beat and there is even a bit of a house vibe going on. Tiny wobbles that keeps the tempo up as in being a good match for a form of electric dancing. Andy Rantzen adds a pleasant easy going repetitive feel good melodic loop on top and some additional atmospheric synth tones to create a feeling of flying on the dancefloor. When everything comes together it’s one big smile of favorable lightweight acid.

Lipstick throws in more music for dancing purposes. The best thing is that this electro tune comes with actual vocals that sound a bit like they come from a different planet but do speak our language. A favorable clap highlights the concentration on the beat and the funky electro that is friendly and happy. It’s the music that you feel like clapping along too while sipping a lemon grass tea. (Not a easy task, mind you!)

Telafonica gives a pleasant steady kick for house heads that needs some beat to deal with the spiritual guidance that this tune comes along with. The spiritual feeling comes through singing voices that form a layer as if it’s another instrument until they turn into actual words and the atmosphere twists itself in a track for late at night listening sessions while driving around in a car.

Luke Collision brings a track that fits our blog very well. It’s named ‘Suk It’ for no apparent reason I guess, (no hovers or Popsicles to be seen) but Luke might actually mean that we should suck on this track as it’s of the kind that sound a bit more intelligent than the others. Perhaps in the artificial way, a little bit more experimental with still the main reason to melt down our heads with mellowness that is made to turn a floor into a chilled dance floor.

The earlier skipped The Jason Folder Decapitation makes an appearance again, this time we can’t really ignore it. But closing the ears for thirty seconds will be enough not to actually hear it.

Remove the fingers out of the ears as after The Jason Folder Decapitation comes a track by Dsico (That No-Talent Hack) which somehow makes crap music listenable with plundering stuff like a J-Lo song, fucks with it pleasantly with a additional breakbeat but mostly twisting knobs triggering effects.

The Other One Dave’ is the next thing on the compilation and brings a track named ‘pulse’. It sounds as the first real band on this compilation, but who knows it might be a one-man-band as with technology everything is possible. The vocals are nicely mixed and sound like the voice of a real proper rock singer that shows a lovable soft side with music that also hangs in the middle of a sweet romance and the more raw wilder side of life.

The Plastik Scene’ brings a tune named ‘Egypt’ and is almost the female counterpart of the tune that we had heard before. The music features a pretty voice and great lyrics on mainly a carrying guitar that slow rocks it’s way with a coat of piano tones and some experimental artifacts. It’s about wanting to leaving someone and it sounds quite sincere..

Audio Cephlon is bringing the listener back to the earlier part of the compilation with electronic music that needs no words or guitars to sound finished and smooth. It’s a slow tune that for some strange reason would sound like great soundtrack for a robotic porno video. Robots screwing screws and all done in slow-motion..

Sunday by The White Trash Trailer Park sounds like the perfect soundtrack for a chilled out lazy and hazy Sunday which is of course a great piece of music to end this old compilation with. There is of course another track by The Jason Folder Decapitation but as it’s time for my toilet break I’m unfortunately all out of time to write something about that one.. But don’t worry, you can download and hear the whole thing with your own ears over here:

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