Penny and Ashtray – Petworks

Artist: Penny and Ashtray
Title: Petworks
Cat: 8R041
Keywords: concrete, experimental, low-bit, lobit, 8kpbs
Label: 8Ravens
Reviewer: Leo Obit

Penny and Ashtray from Osaka, Japan is one of those online found acts that puts back the word ‘nation’ in the word fascination. It could have been the other word, but luckily it didn’t.. I mean the artwork, the style, the music.. it’s pretty much like what comedy gold is for comedians but then applied to lovers of the music that borders on the corners of being electric eccentric.

If you are into chipstyle music that is out there to make you dance like a weird version of pac-man; you might want to check out Penny and Ashtray’s ‘Bonus Stage’ which you can read about over here: click click click. But as today it’s not the idealistic day to read about chips as time is short like an appendix; this post is about a one minute release by Penny and Ashtray.

One minute? Yes, one minute. It’s good to spend your minutes wisely but I guess if that’s your way of living you wouldn’t be hanging out on Yeah I Know It Sucks right? In this one minute we can hear what I believe is the musical reenactment of spending playtime with the pet of Penny and Ashtray.

Don’t worry there is no dog barking or a tail wiggling in your face or the smell of wet pet hair in your nose; it’s music. But it does sound like it fits the doggy presented on the release its cover. It’s happy, a bit silly, perhaps even add another layer of sugar on that previously noted silliness and of course it’s one minute well spend. Play it for your pet(s) and see if they like and enjoy it too. If they act like my goldfish, *her one minute fish bowl tango was marvelous* you’ll probably enjoying the ‘Petworks’ by Penny and Ashtray a lot more! Besides its in 8kbps, the secret key to pet success!

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