Matt Confusion – songs in the night

Artist: Matt Confusion
title: Songs in the night
keywords: blues, Milan, guitar, home recording, jazzy, lo-fi, melodic, folk, singer songwriter

We have received this troubling message of a certain Matt Confusion who informed us about the injustice that for some reason his music is solidly ignored by all the music blogs. Matt Confusion is justifiably confused and even wandered if his music perhaps ‘sucks’ or if there is something else that might be the reason for those evil blogs not featuring his music.. Might there be a ‘Matt Confusion’ conspiracy in which Matt Confusion has been added to a certain black list in which acts end up when they are not worthy on the blogosphere?

To be honest, I’m probably not the one to judge if music is any good or if there is something terribly wrong with it. I say this because my taste for bad music is like a stream of endless love and in case of the music of Matt Confusion being sucky it would have always find some space in my collection for being cherished and well-kept like a trophy… but… unfortunately it doesn’t suck.. at all…
So we might have a problem over here.. I mean.. Are we still able to publish this post with the music of Matt Confusion as its not being sucky? I mean it’s a real problem as that might make Yeah I Know It Sucks look like it has joined the other music blogs that ignore Matt Confusion so systematically..

Why do they ignore Matt Confusion’s music? I’m so terribly confused about that..
Seriously, I am..

Matt Confusion send in a recently released album, but instead (stubborn as I am) I’ve been listening to an older one hailing from the year 2012. It might be that the more recent album sucks but let me get to that one on a later date.. This release ‘Songs in the Night’ is really a nice personal and quality album featuring 9 tracks of home recording of Matt Confusion armed with melodic arrangements on guitar and actually intimate pleasantly sung songs with in my ears well written lyrics.

The voice of Matt Confusion isn’t even weird or croaky like most weirdoes that we have featured over here. You know the ones who sing songs as if they have drank the whole content of a liquor store and smoked all the cigarettes they could find.. His voice sounds very pleasant, clear and warm.
His pronunciation is absolutely fine, no oddities to be found.. No obvious strange accents or bizarre swallowing of letters or out of tune pieces… none of that.. It is even so much that Matt Confusion doesn’t sound even confused!

Confusing isn’t it? Matt Confusion sound perhaps confused in his email seeking for answers and perhaps a little promotion through our sucky blog; but his music performance sounds absolutely solid. There is no doubt to be found in the melodic bluesy arrangements, there are no shakes in the vocal chords and even the tempo is kept up a steady flow.

Matt Confusion; you don’t need to believe anything that gets posted up here, but; there is nothing wrong with you or your music.. It’s them blogs, those fascist music blogs.. They want money, they want you to lick their behinds, they want you to send them flowers, they want you to find out where the writers live and you serenading them under their bedroom windows..

Seriously.. Perhaps they just don’t want to listen to Matt Confusion because they are afraid to be more confused or perhaps they did listen but are enjoying it too much and simply can’t find the words to write something about it. Or perhaps they got stuck on a track named ‘Sneaking Upstairs’ and are listening to it upstairs on repeat and forgetting time, days, years and their own existence..
(if that’s the case, some blogs might check their attics for some dead reviewers..)

Anyway I understand all the confusion, but let them piss next to the pot and miss out on the quality songs delivered here by this Matt Confusion and for once find some quality music featured over here at Yeah I Know It Sucks. So avoid all confusion and check out Matt Confusion’s Songs in the night album over here:

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