Various Artists – 200

 artist: Various
title: 200
keywords: experimental, ambient, electronic, industrial, noice, canada
label: Garbage men Puking

Garbage Men Puking is a netlabel that frequent readers might remember from the spectacular ‘death to music’ compilation, but of course there is so much more other goodies to be explored on this glitter and glamor label. But before I tell you all about my enormously growing fetish for an artist named Kylie Damnyou I think it would be a great idea to inform and mislead you all into another glorious compilation. This time it isn’t a fight against music as we know it and that means in this case the compilation comes across more relaxed, so you might put the trash out first and put on some shady sunglasses while continue reading this in-depth review.

The release (which if I understand well; celebrates 200 releases of dogshit) starts with 10 seconds of Trampled By Reason by Corporation Liquid. It’s basically an introduction that seemed to feature some school teacher who asks why you didn’t go to class? I guess because school teacher that rap makes us itchy?

The compilation really starts to get going with Zap! ‘Zap!’ is a track done by Color Complex and for fearsome listeners still in shock of the anti-music compilation; please do listen as it’s a safe place to inhale and exhale air with actual melodic music shining its way out. It got a piano riff, a sniff of electric and actually sounds really nice and happy. It’s like a veteran of music that holds a bucket full of flowers and wishes us all welcome.

To compensate the sweetness and set the mood into a festive party one a quick track by Violence In Hyper Real inflects some beat and an electric quacking duck for good vibrations.
If you want to do a dance you have to make it rather speedy as its just 49 seconds. I guess if you swallow the right energizer; this would not be a huge problem.

A track by ‘The Power Of Hot Iron Rods’ is up next and is a bit of an oddity. It starts really nice with some sound that reminds me of a sound used in this video: it misses the beat but you probably understand what I mean. It’s more a shimmering funky version without the vocals but with additional rhythmic electric percussion.

Kylie Damnyou remixed a track by Pupae (Toungefucker III) which sounds like being in the twilight zone of relaxed chilling out in the corner close to where the cakes and candy is stalled and half with a head on the moon because of a party hat that sits on the head a bit too tightly.

A party isn’t a real party if there isn’t some noisy grindcore to be found. Luckily Automatic Grindcoke delivers both and is titled ‘sorry’ as if it apologizes indirectly for being such a honored guest on this festive compilation.

Industrial Steve’s Kristen Cerfew brings a spacious soundcollage that makes me think of Woodstock before being hit by a storm. It probably isn’t that but it has the same spirit except that urine samples will be collected and if a refusal might happen; there is a change you will be shot.

Atonement For Cigarette Burns by Jiro Lagac takes it on more lightly. A pretty collection of synth sound and a funky rhythm for us to celebrate the 200 releases of dogshit in a funky style. Open the champagne from a carton pack, and pick up a broom stick as a dancing partner. Who can resist the power of the cowbell?
Then ‘Twitch’ by Subliminal Stimuli makes an appearance. It’s a lengthy track that sounds very modern, experimental blobs and might be a glorified middle finger to the dubstep crowds. In fact this might be a case of music in the genre of ‘dubstab’ which every beat and slow wobble represents a shaving move for people that want to spot the same haircut as this Skrillex figure. I imagine a fist with every acid wob inserted in holes that formally would not have been a hole. I guess it’s a good tune for a slow dance close to massive speakers, a little indecent animalistic behavior in the middle and perhaps a little crack.

Joseph Strength Audio brings some nice mash of plunderphonics that Is fun and active. I guess this is the time to shoot up before proceeding to much on a harsh ‘Tobacco Sandwich to quench the munchies. Don’t worry the content of the Tobacco Sandwich is kosher as it is personally made by Time Burgalar.

To relax a bit and get the Tobacco Sandwich digested a track named ‘Dream Of Green Kush’ by Release The Goddamn Tape mixes potential pretty sounds with strange alien voices and speed up steeldrums. I feel like someone should bring in a barbeque and burn some sausages with curry Caribbean Style.

It’s a bit busy on the compilation, which is no surprise considering it to have 30 tracks; but still een receiving The People’s Elbow in your face or gut can be a bit of tensional moment. But as it is a rather fluffy one and contains some hip-hop for the good old times supplied by Raw Dada, it simply isn’t a unpleasant hit.

Ghost Fanclub brings in a work named ‘Amalgarnation Of Two’ which is what people would call ‘nice noise’. It really is! It’s noise of a friendly kind, a bit buzzing and fuzzing like an electric razor and than it becomes more chilled out to return a for a bit at the end as if it’s a crunchy guitar that wants to cut down a tree.

Some detox session is always good and that’s basically what ‘Scorpion Sound Source’ supplies with its moment named ‘Reverse The Damage To My Body’. Don’t expect soft hands massaging your neck while an exotic masseuse or masseur whispers poetry in your ear.. But more a session of removing hair from the back, legs and some detox soundwaves that gets the toxic fluids dripping from under the armpits.

Nonnegotiable Dissociation 2 by The O’Brien Project sounds as if the detox session wasn’t very successful and there is still an amount of hallucination inflicting liquids roaming around. An state of mind that gets even more conferment while hearing ‘Spoor’ by ST()MA. They might run out of the body like rats towards the end of the music, but it might also just be a fraction of the lucid hallucination.

Then it’s time for some horny times down in the toilet with a track by Furs named ‘Dirty Dick’. It sounds really like a very dirty and raw encounter which might be a traumatic experience if you aren’t into this kind of sexual adventures. But don’t worry 蒸気ラウンジ420 brings on a lengthy track of pleasant noise rock that will get you enough time to remove the dirty encounter from the already wasted memory.

Benjamin of Britain by Fatal Pope Week starts a bit vague but bit for bit becomes more clear in its vagueness. It opens up so to speak. A bit more depth and flavor in which a vaporized pope searches its robes in search for popsicles. A big contrast to the in your face content of Sorgenfrei by To-Bo!
A real ear opener with sweet bleepy noise that is unfortunately way to short!

Robotic Killing Machine (No Fucking Emotion) by Hollow Descent is a work that contains some male saying something which I can’t hear because of my perforated hearing system. It doesn’t sound very robotic to me although it might be a recording of a human spread though a robotic killing machine in order to trick us before uh killing us?

Self Harm Squad vs. Threedom Kahlo’s I Wasn’t Hoping’ sounds like a great moment to bounce around, sip beer and chill out while friends chat and you reply in the same style of the voice in the track ‘uh uh’ to keep the conversation going.

‘Soundtrack To Remixing Depression’ by BADREMIXER666 is a nice track for more drunken times. Step around the room and try to follow the rhythm with your feet and perhaps tumble around to impress the other listeners of this compilation.

Before falling asleep MUTILATED TOYPOODLE comes in to deliver some great action. The track delivered here is named ‘Freedom Shouldn’t Exist?
Which is a question that makes me think for a moment.. But than again I’m too busy enjoying the flow of entertaining jolly noise that sounds like a kettle with steam and chipmunks doing opera.

The Answer To All Your Qustions brings a nice hateful track that answers all your questions that you might have had considering this compilation, music, anti music, politics, bullshit, this text and everything else. A case of a useful track that you should keep in your backpocket for when someone asks a question and you need an answer without tiring your own brain.

Resonant Harmony by Random Thought Generation is music. Yes, it doesn’t happen often that we meet music these days; but here it is. Shining in all its glory. I go down on my knees and praise it with silent gibberish.

Birth of The Feline Belly by SPECTRUM + MR. and Mrs. Teeth is an funky one, with squeaky sounds that sounds rather cute for a birth of feline bellies. It’s also done in a nice friendly flow that listeners might appreciate. A discussion over the ‘Indie Trade’ is always entertaining too on a festive compilation like this, especially when it’s being brought up by DJ Moo Man. DJ Moo Man trembles its opinion soaked track through the ears as if it is a Uzi full of indie trading it for silence.

After 29 tracks including the DJ Moo Man’s Indie trade it is time to settle down and find some piece of mind while seducing the ears with a Black Corset handmade by Hollowown. It might be a bit dark but the corset seemed to be soft and fluffy. A perfect end for a release celebrating 200 releases of absolute dogshit. Come and join the party over here:


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