Screaming Stephen And The Semen Demons – Ebola For Christmas

artist: Screaming Stephen And The Semen Demons
title: Ebola For Christmas
keywords: comedy, hip-hop, rock, dub step, electronic, experimental, holiday, jazz, noise, reggae, xmas, toronto
reviewer: Your Mother

Don’t worry people as after all the negative publicity that Ebola is getting at this moment, there are always artists available who can help out bringing out a much better side of the outbreak. What is better than a imago of Ebola makeover coming as music with a beat, Ebola lyrics in which it suddenly sounds as if Ebola is like a Santa Claus coming over to town to give us squirrels and other less practical gifts? Ebola isn’t funny, but the pimped up ‘Ebola’ song by Screaming Stephen And The Semen Demons certainly is.

Talking about Santa Claus.. The next track on this release is another squirrel song singing a Christmas classic with the murderous brother of Santa Claus in the main picture. Yes, Murder Claus! You better watch out and you better don’t cry or you might .. Die?

I’m aware that it’s still October but it’s never too late or too early to wish everyone a shitty Christmas and a crappy new year. Especially when these best wishes come from a satan praising squirrel. A squirrel that sings it’s wish list full of whips and torture chambers for the 12 days of Christmas all brought on a jolly atmosphere that might indeed trigger a early visit of Satanic Santa coming upside down out of the chimney. Ho ho ho happy unholy days!

Of course Screaming Stephen And The Semen Demons are not done as there is also the non-Christmas related funky ‘HD KFC’ and ‘avant experimental Proto-noise free delta blues jazz-core’. The last one is pretty telling title wise but the squirrel voice is deeply missed.

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