Total E.T. – ParadOxymoron

artist: Total E.T.
title: ParadOxymoron
cat: FSCD29
format: CDr / digital
keywords: electronic, ambient, experimental, soundscape, avantgarde, noise, beautiful, alien, ufo
label: Fork and Spoon Records

Total E.T. alienates in the good way listeners on a daily basis. The impressively sound creator that explained in a one-on-one interview that his music is data communication in which information found on planet earth is being transported back to his home planet.
This might sound very interesting on paper but also rather technical which might imply that this is non music, or perhaps of an unsustainable kind. That conclusion couldn’t be more wrong as this recently released album is perhaps the most relaxing and atmospheric music that you might hear all week.

Music? Yes, the communication doesn’t sound like we are listening to the sounds of a rattling fax or a typewriter but is so advanced in style that it’s indeed by human ears perceived as music.
Unfortunately not the music you would hear on the commercial radio or in your local bar or strip club, but music of a very special and more intimate atmospheric intelligent kind.

It’s interesting perhaps to read about it, but if you came this far; you really should just click ‘here’ and start listening to it yourself or order it blindly on a beautiful Handcrafted CD released by DIY label Fork and Spoon Records. Why? The reasons are endless! But if you do want to read more chit chat about it than be my guest..

^^ an alien invasion of ‘must haves’

You really should just hear it as that will explain all the answers you might have and probably would make you fall in love with the credible tracks on this release.. Each and every track are so well crafted and done in a way that it is extremely difficult to decipher how Total E.T. has created these beautiful intriguing soundscapes.

They are like wonders in a wonder, filled with wonder. Perhaps it is translating wonders of the earth’s gravity into music and other secretive artifacts (like the secret of flying and inner travel) that is kept away from us normal, sane, earth munchers. But whatever the information version of this is; the audio version is simply out of this world in all it’s amazing beauty.
Personally I think it’s the most pleasant mind pleasing album to date from the mind of Total E.T. and is one of those releases that is technically so evolved that it it might actually blow up your mind from pure ecstasy.

Highly recommended beautifully orchestrated sound adventure that might be made by an alien but is for human ears orgasm worthy! To top it off the release comes with a bonus remix by the legendary sound & music producer mhz (who also mastered/sound engineered the album) and if you decide to support the brilliant music by buying this DIY treasure for in your collection; you will get a UFO too! Yes, a UFO is included for a perfect solution in case your brain will fly out of your skull and the rest of your body needs an flying object to get it back! Each and every CD has a unique drawing on it for extra uniqueness, but the actual music should be enough to convince you of this being a real audio master-piece that you really shouldn’t miss out on!

^ this brilliant sounding album comes with unique art and UFO’s!

Get this great album from the Fork and Spoon Records and enjoy the music as it will enjoy you too listening to it. Must have copy available over here (or take a listen for ultimate convincing proof of aliens being better at making soundscapes than any human being could do..)
Enjoy your alienation..

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2 Responses to Total E.T. – ParadOxymoron

  1. Total E.T. says:

    Wohoooooooo, what a masterpiece review!!! Thank you very much my friend! 🙂

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