zach anner. – Strawberry GlaSS

artist: zach anner.
title: Strawberry GlaSS
keywords: experimental, pop, techno, fidget pop, glitch pop, happy house, minimal, techno, pitchcore, pitchglitch, cleveland
reviewer: Question Mark

This Strawberry GlaSS release was saved from a cassette tape that had been melting away in a car tortured by the Heath of the sun. A great reason of Lo-fi effect was added like a nice layer of tan and the music was saved for all is happy heads to hear.

It starts with ‘A Smile Stabs Upon a bass’ which sounds like some jollycore candy sped up for licking pink Popsicles and strawberry ice creams. If you like licking than you proudly be digging this stuff.

If you like the sound of wet farts, with acid slip-ups and nice electric Lo-fi artifacts than ‘you and me and her and she’ is for you.

God knows how many fathorns features sampled vocals, some rhythmic retarded melody that could be played by the artists nose or the big toe. It’s still good and for some reason sounds a bit like the music in a contemporary Chinese takeaway restaurant.

Oh that dog a mine is what people nowadays would call deep fried minimal techno music but than before it has been burning in the sun too much it turns into something really fun and sparkling of friendliness. A loopy melody that will make you want to grow a tail so you can wiggle it in sync with your doggy friend’s tail while listening to this little tune.

Looks like al gore had baby’ is one funky track for wobbling and dancing purposes. For a track that has al gore in its title it sound surprisingly young and fresh. It made me want into a poisoned apple and do the moonwalk while intoxicated of poison.

Than it’s time to hear the legendary ‘Tetris’ theme with a jumpstyle beat.
What needs to be said more?

Another silly but fanatically fun groovy dance piece is the difficultly titled track named ‘
They don’t think it be like it is but it do’ which has the baseline and the rhythm to be all friendly with listeners of all ages. Wheelchairs are welcome too as they could pleasantly be rolled out as swell in ‘the sexiest of palsies’ which is basically the music that could be described as the stuff for feeling good in Hawaiian shirts while loading up on free cocktails.

The artist is so nice that there is even a small but fine bonus track available named ‘sometimes print screen just isn’t enough’ which is a title that we all should learn from.
Anyway, a short review for a not very long release that in overall gets 7 out of five stars from our approval rating system meaning that it’s a pleasant piece of lightweight entertainment carefully saved from the sun.

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