Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 25.

Artists: Various
title: Midnight Radio Compilation 25.
keywords: compilation, electronic, alternative, gothic, ambient, industrial, melodic, meditative, pop
label: Midnightradio compilation

A new Midnight Radio Compilation has come down to planet earth to greet its finest caring inhabitants. A selective and lucky group of music lovers would find a beauty in a quality without a name (the first artist on this compilation) who brought a wonderful bliss in a track named ‘night time illumination.
It really fits with the cover artwork photo (that features the main face of the Midnight Radio Compilation series) who received her first rays of green light as a natural skin care.

Red Hot Stickshift by Wolf Asylum makes sure that the night time illumination is being spread all over the body, with beats, chopped up intelligent sounding electronic music. Something that sounds original in a genre that normally is fully booked of copy-cats; is indeed a real blessing to the hearing system. Lovely rattling rhythms and gems of love..

The work by ‘ambientium’ is named Europa. It starts with some cool breeze depicting that before Europe being Europe it was just an empty idea. But when the actual electronic music comes in, it suddenly starts to behave more to a time from. When europe is created as well as it will be something that is depicting the future. I can’t stop thinking of Kraftwerk’s Trans Europe Express as that tune had a good futuristic vibe over it; although with this track over here, I feel it is more of a dark future. Something that isn’t quite right perhaps. Europe can go to the bottom anytime, being hijacked by racism or greed and industrialism. But whatever is happening to Europe, the music at certain places will prevail and translate the future and the past in a quality electric way.

Cousin Silas is apparently so famous for its work and contribution to music expression that he has earned his own Wikipedia entry. Personally I just started to explore the sound works of the underground’s favorite cousin and I must say; I can’t complain. The track he delivers on the compilation is of a sweet kind, with some flute he smoothens the place up and it isn’t hard to imagine a landscape of fables and some peace loving hippies in some pretty environment. The track changes to become more ambient, giving it the feeling of absolute relaxedness. Being lazy in the grass and enjoy the companionship of the trees.

DISCIPLINE4BOYS takes on a more darkened mood than the peace and love vibe of the Cousin. Nonetheless it isn’t a total panic attack but more as if the artist created a weird entrapment of an industrial sounding loop of household equipment, while on the background all kind of other things are happening. Windows break, and ears are filled up with sound suggestions as the track loops it way to the end.

A end that is a beginning for long time favorite EMERGE to emerge with a new dark sounding soundscape. A sound collage that gives a strange feeling. Something that comes across as alienating as it breaths out a social decay that is full of life. Something that shimmers away in vague reminders.

Schroedingers Cat brings an interesting melodic sun worshipping song performed with a warm guitar and equally warm voice. It creates a image my head of someone sitting in a coconut tree while stranded on a deserted island with sand that looks like soft crushed layers of pearls. Staring in the distance to find a rainbow to dream away in..

The cute things are here and they sound like lovable played tones from some kind of glockenspiel. It’s an arrangement done by 7 i I and is gone before you really can absorb it. It’s probably the case of time moving do quickly when being served with pretty music. A great track named ‘time passes’ by ‘Of Ambien’ puts a stripe through this fact by making it sound so candy and friendly that it is simply delicious.

A huge shock and thrill happens when from being so happily pleased with obvious love for friendly chilled out melodies and other cuteness to be thrown in to the burning noisescape by EXEDO. It’s is advised to put on a helmet or at least some seat belts but when the ears are in safety and adjusted they too will discover a beauty dressed in harshness.

Guess what time it is? Yes, you guessed probably wrong but it’s ‘Slinky’ time! Slinky brings in the light rather nervously with electric sweetness that slowly turns into a more jazzier piece of pleasant swinging electronica.

Piper_ben is the next provider of sound versus music on this midnight compilation. It’s a lengthy work that might want you to feel total relaxation in its minimal form. It is coming like breaking waves but instead of bringing water to the coast it brings pleasant forms of tones and ambience to the ears.

The pleasant band named ‘Friends and Enemies’ brings lovely deep emotional summer rock that hangs between sentimental and a state of acceptation all flying. I love the original drumming and the melodies that make my face set in a smile while the body rocks on with the music.

From this we go to that and in this case it’s two tracks by ‘The Empathy’ which are bloody good. It’s like super retro Downey emo disco pop with great use of a warm guitar, lovable and catchy synthetic melodies and a steady beat which carries this tune into a realm of professionalism that could be enjoyed in the high end as well as by the people lesser endowed. Great pop tracks!

Karsten Hamre brings back the more experimental touch of the midnight radio compilation. It’s like electric bacteria running around in a test tube rather hysterically while soft fart sounds are coming out of a synthesizer to calm them down.

Kyomu’s rigidity of tension after’ is a great track to be heard after the Karsten Hamre one. It’s a bit soft but takes on a more relaxed alien approach of melodic strangeness that on one side looks like it is the special soundtrack for an original pleasant dream but at other times might as well being a nightmare. A great work that takes sounds and tones into a new creative way; without losing its atmospheric proportions.

The track delivered here by as certain ‘Homunculus Rex’ is a nice eclectic mix of a Sunday afternoon feeling in which funky relax rock meet electronic flavors and nicely done programmed beat works. It’s a little adventure through the skills of the music maker and it’s a good time to hang your ears in.

Sven Meyer created more the material that at times feels like a soundscape with classical music moments that seems to tell an audio story with artifacts, samples and authentically played instruments.

Ants and Bones’s Have You Ever Been’ features a very German sound that sounds dramatic, a bit electro Goth and features vocals that would please the next black celebration party for joy division heads. A good selection to be matched with the more rougher Lo-fi sound of ‘Deutsches Kulturgut’ it has the blissful feeling of continued rock goth darkness that stands in the mist coming from a hot shower. It cleans up the head while not engaging in a smile; this is sounding like serious business.

Next up is a track by ‘3bc’ and takes a bit of time to really get things going, but when the music starts to unravel it certainly makes sense that it is in no rush to be revealing itself. It’s the music of being calm, in a meditative zone of replacement and in sync with nature and ambience. Listen to this track to become peaceful from the inside and the outside..

When all relaxed and spiritually satisfied a German track of a completely different kind brings a church-meet-Goth-electronica-feeling in which a great shimmering industrial darkness sounds like a friendly arm on your shoulder for support while nuns sing like a nurturing background choir. Really cool stuff really. As it seems that we are already close to a church like environment it’s an easy step to go and hear ‘funeral’ by Horror House. It fits the mood and features a laid-back rhythm with a nice atmospheric acid bubbling and piano accents.

‘Underground Radiation’ by Tangerine Tom explores the radioactivity of the underground. We can hear the electric radiation shimmering through the nothingness and instead of being freaked out by the findings of high radioactivity the researching experience is actually a very pleasant one in which the radiation functions as fine ambient.

Of course with radiation involved things like ‘running away of trees’ might be more reality than fiction. The soundtrack named ‘putz’ is made by runaway trees which strangely doesn’t sound all too weird. Music wise it’s like modern day electronic industrial tribal gangs hooking up with more ancient culture . It’s a good match although in not sure if we have to wear a skirt made of bamboo leaves or scrap metal.

Talk 014′ by Desh Alb seems to be made for the midnight compilation. A voice talks in a whispery way suggesting us to ‘push’ and then again telling us that it’s perhaps time to sleep. The music that carries it all is as cold as Ice, militant and dark and feverish in the good way. It sounds sexy although not your average kind of sexiness.

This episode of the midnight compilation has to my ears joined the dark side that would suit people dressed in black (the color of the night..) nicely. The track named ‘godlike’ is no exception in sounding like it would please the modern Goths with an exceptionally great darkness over it that would be perfect material to be played in dark venues in which vampires toasts wine glasses full of fresh blood and freaks dance their asses of on platform boots on these wicked drums of death by Ambient Occlusion.

Elypixa gives us time to think and squeeze out emotional tears with a melancholic work of sad sounding loveliness. Ambient that gives us the excuse to cry as it can be of beauty or of other cases that we don’t want to brag about. (Someone cutting an onion?)

The last track is done by Klust and is a beautiful demonstration of how Arp’s should be played live and how amazing it all could sound if you do it right like this artist does. It made me dream… Unfortunately I can’t remember my dream to note it down for you.. In any case you can hear and dream away with this track and all the other ones when you click the following link and get this compilation for free in to your ears:

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