Hank Harry – The boy of your dreams

artist: Hank Harry
title: The boy of your dreams
keywords: folk, rock, pop, electro, electronic, folktronica, belgium
reviewer: Borus Joltson

Hank Harry is an artist hailing from Belgium, his sound outshines the country’s fame for tasty chocolate and well brewed beers. It’s the country in which the European Union rules it’s scepter and you can smoke in cafés and pubs because obviously with beer and chocolate you got to add some nicotine for the right kind of enjoyment. But like I said earlier; this all is not important any more as Hank Harry is restyling the country’s image by just being himself and presenting this incredible album that for some reason sounds very unique and original but also very Belgian.
It is called ‘The Boy Of Your Dreams’ and is like a roller coaster of character, weird characteristics, pleasant creativity and fun sounds.

The artist voice is very specific and with the right effects it even gets more in the boundaries of craziness. At times it’s folkpunk, than it’s dwarf folklore and the next minute it’s dark poetic stuff that will make your pants drop down on the floor. But in general it’s a very fun and greatly listenable release that never bores because of its diversity in music approaches. It’s crazy, but it’s the smart kind of crazy. The highlight on the release to me is the outrageously great hit song “a bitch around my dick” (yeah, yeah!) which is a tune that on its own is already enough reason to get your ass wiggling and get this album by this entertaining Belgium folk character over here:

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