Lee Rosevere – Symphony For Monotron: 1st Movement

artist: Lee Rosevere
title: Symphony For Monotron: 1st Movement
cat: 8R045
keywords: experimental, space, kraut, 8kbps
label: 8Ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.com/

Happy Puppy owner Lee Rosevere’s first Symphony For Monotron is released on the netlabel specialized in the 8kbps sound; 8Ravens. As it being the first chapter of three (the second episode is released on legendary Proc Records and the last one on the mothership of lobit the 20kbps label) you might want to check this one out as it is advised to enjoy a trilogy in the order from the beginning to the end. It helps saving yourself from being stuck somewhere and not knowing what had happened before, beside it is also just an piece that you might as well enjoy as a standalone.

The exclusive Monotron symphony comes in rather gracefully and than seems to launch itself in a space occupied by feathery friends that whistle like they are attending a birthday party. There is a bit of a clash of personalities among the feathered friends but after a bit of a whistle fight the tumult is being sorted out quit decently.

From here we can here the loser bird cry in its feather pack, the winner chatting loudly over its victory and a bit of moaning from the opposite bird camp that didn’t like the winning bird so much.

From here the symphony gets a different feeling; one that is more like listening to a calm performance of easy going space avant-garde. It’s as if we can look inside one of the birds mind and see a little dark universe with soft burning stars among calm thoughts.

After four minutes the Monotron symphony pulls out a lot of action which features exclusive low flying feathers, a couple of neurotic elephant that gives a jazzy feeling while a singing opera ghost sings it’s lungs out like a broken Mariah Carey back in her heydays.

After all the hearable action the symphony for Monotron goes down deep and gives the fans of Lee Rosevere something nice to think about as it lays low for you to browse to another label and hear how this audio adventure will evolve and end up. But first things first so hear the Monotron virtuoso’s 1st movement over here:

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