agnès pe – esputo aastal fraggle n’rock

Artist: agnès pe
title: esputo aastal fraggle n’rock
keywords: devotional, madrid, amorphous, emotional, hardmidimetal, hospital, impressionist, melodic, death metal, organ

Everyone’s favorite agnès pe covers the theme song of everyone’s favorite Jim Henson’s live action puppet series called ‘Fraggle rock’. Agnès pe does it like no other, completely genre-less with the hands up in the air while eating a gigantic broccoli. For people that have not encountered the music of Agnès pe before; the music by this experimental music creator is one of those rare things that avoids to be categorized in a genre. And even when covering a song she manages to keep the genres away!
Fraggle Rock had never sounded so rocky without being rock!

The release keeps the laughing heads at ease with ‘Robert Kock hablando con Sprocket’ which hangs out in the alternative experimental corners with big middle fingers waving friendly in the sound, being absolutely metal and hardcore without being squeezable into these specific genres. The only genre that might be a fit is the one named ‘agnès pe’ which might be a sister of the one named ‘kick ass’.
The brutal track has its share of beauty, of tiny feelings of game music, of wild hairs and moshpit’s full of spit and car racing engines and industrial paramilitaries marching with good vibes.

‘cum Berbiguina hecha de rabanos’ keeps the raw vibe but this time it’s a bit slimy, a bit eighties with leather jackets and gremlins, goblins and members of the Ghoulies franchise. It has elements of an evil version of Yoshi jumping to find poisoned mushrooms, speedmetal that easily skips into a relaxing speed for rope jumping. It’s full of riffs but instead of the electric guitar agnès pe removes the guitar and performs it all seemingly with electric and enough tablespoons of eccentric *f#ck you* material.

Agnès pe doesn’t stop as ‘Majory esputo aastal’ is the next track provided. It takes time to digest to what my ears are hearing. It’s unlike anything else, a bit like an electronic ventriloquist impersonating a hungry whale impersonating a drunken sailor with an accordion. There is a moment of sheer melody in there that almost feels dramatic, a bit saddened but then again not too much. This is the pleasurable drama that everyone could enjoy; like a loved one falling over a banana peel and eating something like a burned pizza or a not so well done lasagna. (hell, you are hungry and need to eat something even though you might throw up later) It’s the music for a tragic comedy that probably suits most parts of our lives.

To forget the soundtrack of drama and stupidity our beloved agnès pe created the eccentric sounding form of excitement named ‘Doc borde recto’. Headphones are recommended and also to listen to this on a loud volume. It will feed the ears the right information and transforms bubbling deep ass gasses into a scene of a cowboy joy, in which we wear hats and throw lassos on stickpony’s. It’s one of the tracks that would generate many new careers for futuristic cowboys and cowgirls in the future. Perhaps it sounds totally different from where you might hear this; but here it’s all line dancing and lasso throwing with electric wires like a scene from bare back mountain.

To celebrate the creativity and agnès pe great skill to avoid all genres except the ‘agnès pe’ one, it’s a pleasure to enjoy the last track named ‘al principio’ which is simply another unexplainable track that can fist its listeners in the face, but also be happy to paint butterflies on that same face. The right theme for heavy running in a state of going mental in the best possible way.
Agnès pe, you did it again!  Hear and get ‘esputo aastal fraggle n’rock’ over at the link:

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