Myrdal – Please, come in.

Artist: Various
title: Myrdal – Please, come in.
keywords: alternative, electronic, netlabel, rock, compilation, pop, Torreon,
label: Myrdal

The label named “Myrdal” is known around here for it releasing music by the clean cut electronic producer SWUN and the rock friendly ‘friends and enemies”. They are at the moment having ‘open calls’ for music to be featured on their compilation series. A good thing to do is to hang your ears in the earlier released compilations to get a idea of what the label stands for on a wider scale and perhaps adapt, embrace or acquire that special Myrdal flavor.

What is that special Myrdal sound that keeps the diversity of music so well fittingly together? The possible answer is *perfection* and a also not unimportant is ^style^ and /quality\.
The flavor of Myrdal is alternative but luxurious, it’s like a washed electrorockgod fresh from the shower who wears gloves to make sure there will be no dirt touching upon the hands.. In fact Myrdal stands out so much in quality that it almost comes across like it being the provider of the polar opposite content of Lo-fi and lobit; it’s a completely different world but yet they are not coming across as aliens, robots or audio snobs. They are human with firm roots in early netlabel land all grown up as a label that went down a path of becoming a hangout for music that has no errors or faults but is the fruitful basket of organic good looking music fruits.

But let’s waste no more time and listen to the first released Myrdal compilation named ‘please, come in’ a title that highlights the politeness and humanness of the label in just three words. The artist that we know around here from a review on our platform named SWUN is like the proud beautiful trophy of the label that welcomes us all in with a track named ‘green gazing’ which set the ladder high in the technically cool but friendly electronic music world. Soft whispering vocals, lightweight electronica, militant drum programming and very heavy effect engineering. You can hear that the artist tweaks and turns every stone to make sure it’s work fits all the criteria of being smooth and polished.

The ladder of taste gets stepped upon even higher by the powerful and expressive positive indie electrorock pop band “flamingods” which pumps in a favorable tempo a train of happy and dancable pop rock tune with melodic energy, amazing riffs and indie vocals that sounds so professional that it makes one wonder if it’s really true that this all can be downloaded for free? It’s amazing!

A tune that sounds not an inch less than the previous tracks is brought in by Elandh. It has the synth rock vibe going on with expressive singing that fits the music like fingers on a hand. For some unknown reason the track sounds sunny and tropical, which is a to me strange conclusion considering that these modern synth sounds would normally be a bit more associated with coolness instead of sunshine; nobody is complaining!

The sunny feeling is even pushed up more in probably my personal favorite work on this compilation done by ‘I can chads dragons’. Even though my language skills don’t reach far enough to understand the lyrics, there is a moment that even the lyrics changes into easy sing-a-long ‘lalala’s’ that will invite you too to join and do some vocal exercises of happiness. Nothing beats a good interactive “lalala’ session…

And then the friendly mood of the compilation turns into lovely summer pop. A track by 2pasos named Transparents has the structure, nice original breaks, passionate singing and is full of unsuspected music surprises. Excellent music that (all creativity aside) is also just a very kind tune to get a party going.

Alexico takes over and sounds like happy synthesizer pop punk that swings with cute sounds, sunny melodies and a irresistible happiness.

The beat keeps uptempo and if you want to setup a alternative sunny electropop party you’ll find yourself in a world of artists/bands to consider or just spin this compilation to get the right atmosphere flowing.
‘Me and my monkey’s Porno is a positive party track that will make it difficult to sit still behind a desk but is indulged with energy of a positive kind.

Black Pony gallops in a nice track that mixes nicely a raw passion in a spacious uplifting power charging anthem. Something that will hype you up.

More relaxing and chilled out without losing its danceable tempo is this tune by Twin Cabins. It features a bright guitar and nice singing although it could last longer because it’s too good to keep short. But don’t be said as this compilation is full of happy quality songs that are of a sunny kind with energy to party about. Most singing is done in a language that isn’t English so it’s difficult for me to say where the sings are about but sound like a brotherly explosion of happy punk anthems dressed as electronicacousticpowerpop. It all sound bloody good and super well done (did I already wrote; professional?) and the tune provided by Uvilov is no exception!

The track provided by FoOd sounds more experimental with use of a bit of glitch pop, autotune , and sugar coated in a dance track that is quite different but keeps the floor filling with music to dance too.

POulbo comes with a lovely electronic track that has nice sounds that makes me think of clear night sky as seen on top of a warm day on top of a high building. It’s pleasant material. Pardo brings a good singers performance of sounding empowering while being trapped in a dark cloud. The minimal relaxed electronic sound is sounding more punk than actual punk.

A electronic dance pop ballad with a more uplifting feeling is brought by ‘ghostcatcher’ and sounds cool with nice synth melody and vocals.

Little Etiophia starts a bit slow but when it starts it just gives a little hint of what it can do, but chooses to take the time to spread a form of message music more than making the dance floor fill with dance moves compared to most of the collected tunes on the compilation.

But the last track JOSOX takes the compilation away with a minimal dance track that feels like the music would go on backstage and this compilation was just one great party somewhere under the sun. It must be said: the tracks made me at certain times think of the music they play in a popular clothing store to get the youth uplifted and feeling cool when buying things. But brush that thought aside and insert the sunny vocals and you can also say that this is one hell of a quality release which features no fillers and is one pleasant party vibe with incredible professional produced (mostly) electropop that you simply can’t believe to find a whole compilation of this kind and most definitely not think that this compilation is absolutely free to download! Absolutely recommended if you want some fun sun stuff that everyone around you could appreciate as sometimes it’s good to share the good vibes… Get this compilation over here:

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