Knight in Mourning – Picking Daisy Petals

Artist: Knight in mourning
title: Picking Daisy Petals
keywords: alternative, rock, electronic, gritty pop, pop, indie, orchestral, rock, United States

It was early in the morning as I was woken up by the licking tongue of a horse. It was a big pink horse and on top sat a knight. It was a knight in the morning who smiled at me when throwing a link in my face. “Listen to this as I would love to know what you think’ the knight in the morning said.. The link went through my eyes and I got blinded for a little bit. When light returned; the knight on the horse in the morning had disappeared and made room for a computer screen in which the link had manifested itself into a bandcamp page of ‘knight in mourning’. Was it one of those psychedelic mornings in which we dream and then wake up but are actually still dreaming? Perhaps it is because the sight of a album by Knight in Mourning is like a dream come true.

^ Knight in Mourning under a dreamy hat

^ Knight in Mourning under a dreamy hat

Before staring too much at it the voice of the previously met knight in the morning popped in my head ‘what do you think? Tell me what you think?’.. Well okay, I think about my earlier review of Knight In Mourning how it had this brilliant psychedelic video and featured a pleasant voice.. I think *impressive* when seeing that this debut album features 11 songs and I also think that I like the artwork. Sitting on the moon under the sun and dressed in flowers to decorate the nakedness with nature; it’s a very hippy dreamy image.. Nice colors..

But perhaps the knight in the morning wants to know what I think of the music of ‘knight in mourning’? I have no clue why, but hey life is full of mystery and who can refuse such a request of a knight in the morning?

The debut album stars with a track named ‘wrong guys’ a title that makes me think too many things to mention here. The voice of the artwork picture makes the appearance, no bells or other sound artifacts; she sound just as naked as the artwork suggested. The protective flowers are replaced by a massive piano that even though has a big sound; can’t beat the powerful voice of the knight in mourning. She seems to have embraced her past and molded the experience into a purity of power..

**tell me what you think, I love to know what you think**

… Well dear knight in the morning if you paid attention; above your interruption you could clearly read my thoughts. But let’s move to the next song named ‘angel’.

Ohlala it has horns that have this grand and classic allure that made me instantly think of the music of Ijahman Levi. Most specifically the album and possible title track ‘are we a warrior’. If you don’t know it you are missing out on some really nice culture music. This horn section in ‘angel’ connects to this other angelic music which is in my opinion and thoughts a very positive thing.

^ Ijahman Levi

^ Ijahman Levi

But let’s forget Ijahman as this is about Knight in Mourning and hearing the angel track is minus the little reminder of musical unity from a completely different kind. It’s a song that I think is about a certain struggle the artists and especially sensitive musicians encounter with their muse or loved ones. It’s a recognizable story of a friend becoming much more than a friend. The contrast of being happy in love and then the toll it takes on the creative expression. It is a song about the two kinds of the coin I guess.. Or that’s what I think it is. The chorus ‘I’m better off without you’ is like a pretty heartwarming and yet lyric wise crushing pop ballad. The twist comes at the total end and I think it’s best to not write it down here as so other curious people have more reason to listen to this album with their own ears instead of just reading my thoughts and spoiling the beans. But to get some conclusion of thoughts together; I think it’s a very understandable and pretty story telling power ballad and I’m impressed with the vocal technique. The only negative thing is that the voice sounds a bit dry recordings wise, but that’s just a opinion as I guess I like it more ‘wet’. But hey, the knight in the morning asked what I thought so I’ll be honest all the way.

Next up in line is a song named ‘butterfly kisses’ which is a song that gives me the chicken skin. Knight in Mourning sings her heart out in an atmosphere that sounds brilliantly dark. It’s very different from the ‘angel’ and ‘ wrong guys’ and made me think of it as if it’s an original theme song for a yet to be made James Bond movie. It’s dramatic, yet powerful and cinematic. I really think they should make a James Bond movie called ‘butterfly kisses’ based on this song. Golden girls in bathtubs and poisoned cigarettes!jb
Pour more’ had entered my ears before and if the knight in the morning wants to know more (and watch the wicked video clip for it) than please read this.

The next one is ‘Bad Year’ and it’s difficult to get a grip on my thoughts as they are all over the place. I love it all, the music, the voice and the bluesy swing and nightly vibe that made me think of Knight in mourning on top of a piano in a glitter dress in the spotlight with a golden voice and sparkling lights as atmospheric decoration. The sax sounds as sexy as ever and the singing is like drowning in love.

The song named ‘repetition’ is beautiful. The voice is the voice at its best and comes out like a moving River that swings slowly but powerful upwards the stream. The music is a functional backdrop which gives knight in mourning’s vocal expression the freedom of space to truly become the center of attention. I love how the golden voice shows a technique that moves from very strong to more fragile in sound.

I think it’s beautiful and I feel very positive with a strong approval rate how the songstress sings with ease a song named ‘stars’. It’s one of a more pop rock kind but the voice goes through various techniques making the song seemingly powerful and probably the most radio friendly on this record.

But personally I dig ‘over’ much more as it sounds so fresh and full. (I suddenly think of a milkman in the morning delivering a bottle of milk) It features this grand feeling of being well produced; I guess horns are responsible for making things sounding glossy and rich. The knight in mourning’s voice is like a power instrument waved through it.

Another full deluxe sounding song is ‘September’ which has a nice drum to roll on, nice strings that give warmth but also explore a way of playing that push the music more into the speed limits of emotions. The track evolves and changes into a positive ray of music that shines above the others in happiness.

‘Trying to cure’ made me title wise think of ‘the cure.’ But the memory of ‘into the trees’ went away quickly to move this song in which has nothing to do with that what I was thinking. It has a lovely guitar melody and just when I thought that the voice of Knight in Mourning could use some contrast to her mid and high voice; a male voice joined in! Superman!su

The last track sings about that we have reached the ‘expiration date’ which probably refers to a relationship, but in case of this review we can apply it nicely too. Just like milk we have gone a bit sour but I have to admit I’ve never heard a song of an ending sung so potent and nicely! Reaching the expiration date isn’t a negative thing!

#so what you think?#

I think you might have enough of reading my thoughts and that it’s time to provide a link to this release so you can hear (and think about) it all for yourself.
Here you go:


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