Electrosexual – Automatic People (Ft. Hanin Elias) [Single]

artist: Electrosexual
title: Automatic People (Ft. Hanin Elias) [Single]
keywords: electronic, techno, trance, electro, techno, new wave, pop, technopop, Berlin

Legendary rioter with a unique face and similar voice that you won’t forget, the one who wears her heart in your face. a hater of feet surrounded in socks wearing slippers and the core voice of the new band named Fantôme:

^ the iconic shapes in pink of an eye-less Hanin Elias

^ the iconic shapes in pink of an eye-less Hanin Elias

Hanin Elias.

She sticks her swords of words in the injustices that torture our times, is a iconic modern day freedom fighter and collaborator of projects in which she injects her weapon of freedom, anarchy and a spoon of love in all that her recognizable voice attends.

I know that sounds like a lot of hay on my fork writing so highly, but hey there aren’t many artists out there who keep honest and don’t turn into a cartoon character or a useless money making machine in order to squeeze the fame out to spice up a slipping bank account. Hanin Elias seemingly keeps it realer than real and jumps on projects to add the well needed burning fire of a hot flame to it.

As you could have seen at the info bit of this post; here Hanin Elias joins the electronic music producer with the name ‘Electrosexual’. I’m not 100% sure if my story is correct, but I believe to have seen Electrosexual performing somewhere in London. The reason of me not being 100% sure is because it’s been a long time ago and there was a lot of alcohol involved. I remember coming in dressed as a birdlike freak, seeing Electrosexual performing , getting drunk, having to flee the place because upsetting some people and ending up in the top floor of a London Bus having sex. I had forgotten most of it, but that’s basically what was being recovered memory-wise with the help of an eye whiteness and a psychic with a glass bowl.

So no, not 100% sure it was ‘electrosexual’ I am not. It could have been ‘electrosensual’ , but it was one of them, that’s for sure. Let’s say 50% chance I danced in a rather wasted state at a gig of Electrosexual. I can’t remember if it was any good, but as I can’t remember most of the evening; I presume to have had a good time!

^ the eyeless but teeth showing pink shapes of Electrosexual

^ the eyeless but teeth showing pink shapes of Electrosexual

A ‘Electrosexual‘ time.

Electrosexual and Hanin Elias joined forces to make a single and I’m all sober and at home listening to it while it comes through a homely speaker set. There is no excuse to let this one go unnoticed and lack of memory are not going to intervene with unsalted opinions; this is fresh and new! It’s called ‘automatic people’ which is perhaps another word for the sheep-peeps or the living dead, or perhaps what the future will evolve in. People with chips in their brains because addiction to telephones, internet and chat roulette has numbed down all normal ways of communication and interaction. Who knows?

The single features the original track, and four supporting remixes. The original is a self described synthesizer-assisted and melodically charged affair. It is the tune you want to hear in a club with pink red and blue lights blinding the eyes and of course smoke and stroboscope flashes. Hanin Elias her voice is completely integrated in the music which becomes more like a instrument in itself, because of the way of the things sounding effect-wise. The result in my ears are as if there is a conscious message camouflaged in a alternative electro club tune that would make a great backing track for another crazy experience in the night.

Good news for the combination of your eyes and ears! There is a very fresh video clip for this single and you can watch it right here:

The remix by the  French techno activist producer Millimetric is a version that manages to bring out the music as well as giving space to the voice of the haunting voice. The track is nice and clean with deep acid bubbles, nice warm synth works and a flowing old school techno sound that got my lazy ass dancing as if it was a modern sister of Adamski & Seal’s killer hit ‘Killer’.

Yeti Popstar‘s remix gives the tune a more post rock apocalypse feeling with nice drowned out whaling electric guitars and soft touches of acid hints that keeps the track clearly acceptable for night drives and electrogoth grotto experiences.

The ‘Machines in the UK remix’ is feeding the ears a different take on how the tune should sound like with more focus on a new wave kind of acid love affair. I think of renegades, blade runners, and stamps under the tongue with the finest ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’ for added color visualizations.

The last remix is done by a certain Alán and Ilse and sounds like they have added some vocals to team up with the ones of Hanin Elias to automatically turn the tune in a much darker one. It’s as if Alán improvised a new set of lyrics inspired by the sung words of Hanin Elias and Ilse doing a Gothic choir in the deep background. Of course nothing is certain as my ears are just here at the receiving end and not aware of the actual production process over here, but let’s say that its the stuff that would suit a pair of black boots and perhaps a set of fishnet stockings. You have to look good while waving the hair in the industrial seedy side of the electro goth temples, right?

The single with the remixes can be purchased for in your collection over at the following link:
And if you want a touchable copy (minus the remixes); it is recommended to grab the latest ‘Electrosexual’ album on vinyl featuring the ‘automatic people’ single with the beloved and sometimes feared; Hanin Elias and more sexy electro by Electrosexual.
Here is a link to help you further:

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