Jesse Brinkerhof – Uninstal iPad Firmware iOS 5.0.1

Artist: Jesse Brinkerhof
title: Uninstal iPad Firmware iOS 5.0.1
keywords: experimental, ambient, darkwave,ipad, post-internet, shareware, trap, vaportrap, vaporwave, the Netherlands
words by: Mark X

Working on a iPad is like what working on a laptop was in the old days except it’s a bit more like holding a device that Captain Kirk from Startrek had but then different.

Jesse Brinkerhof uses it to work on and a lot of other people use it for work too. Work and play is the thing that dominated the iPad world. But Jesse Brinkerhof’s work can also be seen as play or a perfect combination of them two. To be clear Jess Brinkerhof’s work is music and every music work that he dropped on this collection of iPad works is music made on this device.

For the work on such a device it sounds just as good as any other work platform. There is use of samples, beat programming and of course electronic music, melodies, drama, positivity, ambient and what’s not. The most interesting thing is the track titles that are just a symbol of some kind. The work that hides behind a cross is one of my favorites on the album; it sounds like game music with flutes you can whistle to get the attention of pigeons. There is a beat too but that’s a thing that is presented in most of the work.

It isn’t hard work to listen to these works and it sounds as if Jesse Brinkerhof had probably fun while working on them. Perhaps not from 9 to 5 but along the day there must be time to give it a spin to give you companionship while working on other things. Perhaps you can listen to it while you’re working on a cellphone, a intelligent wrist watch , a iPad, tablet,or perhaps a plastic rubber Duckie.
Whatever your job is; the work of Jesse Brinkerhof can be found over here:

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