Senpai Suicide Club – Expansion Pak

Artist: Senpai Suicide Club
title: Expansion Pak
keywords: electronic, bitgrind, chiptune, emo, experimental, post-cybergrind, midigrind, neo-noise
label: Kitty on fire records
reviewer: Willem van O.

Are You There God? It’s Me, Snake’ is the first encounter my ears have with the work of Senpai Suicide Club. Hearing it I feel I’ve been missing out on some fine dork punk stuff. It’s like listeniing to chiptune-punk with Eric Cartman from South Park on the microphone getting his frustrations out. The trend is set and I must admit the sounds that Senpai Suicide Club managed to squeeze out of the ‘toys of childhood gaming memories’ is totally being rediscovered throughout the whole album.

The guitars are strictly banned here to the prehistoric times as Senpai Suicide Club clearly doesn’t need them to bring the sound of being on the edge, living in a shithole and having crates of empty beer bottles as furniture. It’s the music filled with rage, some emo-moments, but mostly mutilated chiptunes with those fanatic lyrics being expressed like a cartoon character who doesn’t get his candy, or in this case; is completely frustrated and fed up with ‘water levels’.

It’s a great release that is a bit like a cute chiptune riot loaded with disgust, frustration and perhaps a little tiny winey bit of mental craziness. As a listener I can’t help to think that someone please get ‘Senpai Suicide Club’ the thing that he wants and pleases before we will lose another whining genius by exploding itself or a possible death through intensive gaming. Get to hear the madness in the ‘Expansion Pak’ over here:

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