The Bordellos – Nobody’s Listening

The Bordellos - Nobody's Listening

A blur, a smear, like a fraction of an eye-balls twitch is the artwork chosen to depict, visually, the single bit of music featured here by The Bordellos, titled Nobody’s Listening. Go listen!

Artist: The Bordellos
Title: Nobody’s Listening
Label: None
Cat#: None
Keywords: Alternative, Folk Punk, Garage, Lo-Fi, Pop, Post-Punk, Psychedelic
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

While nobody listened, nobody heard, and nobody wrote and then nobody saw, nor listened, nor heard… until now. Yes, times, they are changing, and at YIKIS we are rapidly advancing toward this change, halberds forged and ready to plow the anus of the entertainment slums.

Have a fresh new face!

Received this rant in mild drunken stupor (mine, not theirs, or perhaps shared?.. a beer-goggled zeitgeist is unfolding!)

a sunday rant from the bordellos..a rant about a lot of peoples attitude to new music and the way the music industry is drowning in blandness due to its own shortsightedness and the making of a quick buck..the people are being fed constant nostalgia being offered a reissue of a past classic that has been remastered and filled out with ropey live tracks and out takes ..out takes are out takes for a reason on the whole believe me, ..the music mags will prefer to re-evaluate a old lp or old artist than write about something or someone new, and on the whole people are letting them .. if it carries on this way there will be no new artists to re-evaluate in 20 years time , just the same old pink floyd’s , Beatles , stone roses .. and maybe even another reissue of the first la’s lp .with extra track of lee mavers farting at the end of there she to download so please do..”

Yes, the world of art is feces drawn on a cave wall by primitive man’s yearning for understanding folded between the sheets of a life made up itself of the excrement of labors and loves. For whom tolls the bell, and who pays the piper? Pied: the face of the industry, its old shell game, beneath where is the glamor and riches? Ah, notoriously, it is to be found in the saleability of manufactured youth via the nostalgia of the old. Lay, now, with warm blankets and nice comforting pillows, for all is but a dream.

No, not us, it’s as well we shall just go, and listen, and absorb for a moment the plea, the earnest plea of the crust-ridden. The link shall provide safe passage:

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