Brett Naucke – The Visitor

artist: Brett Naucke
title: The Visitor
format: LP vinyl / digital
keywords: experimental, psychedelic-noise, Chicago
label: Nihilist Recordings

Intro to the visitor is a sound collage that comes across to me as if it’s filled with close private movements of someone that brushes it’s teeth and uses pens to draw on paper. After a clean pair of teeth and enough of the note making; a personally relaxed ambiance appears. What can we do about it? Sit down and relax?

Twin Drifts is clean from morning problems or rituals, although the experimental soundscape of sound does suggest tiny feet prints and other presents of life that hobble around. But it’s not disturbing and has enough pace to feel pleasantly at ease.

In fact this theme of unnatural nature is a crucial factor in this release. Just listen to the lovely and lengthy work ‘plague in this town’ which goes forward with this theme and unlike the plague; it’s a pretty sparkling sound collage of wet sounds, little bug wings vibrations, small flows of water bubbling. It feels as if the artist has shrunk itself to a microscopic size and befriends the little creatures of the swamp for a fine and happy recording session. The end bit might sound a bit full-on but to me it feels more as if the creatures are just excited and give some kind of vibe to say thank you for visiting them.

After this we visit the sunroom in which is like sunbathing in sun sound. It’s adorable and cute and made me feel like a toddler again. gahaha googoogleloo…

Cellar Beat takes us again into the natural perspective of small tiny elements that run around the stone wet rocks. It’s like little ants that run at night after the rain has stopped towards their queen to bring newly found crumbs of food. A warm glow can be heard when the ant enters it’s own passage way and it feels that even though we are just visitors; as the sound of home. There might be some danger lurking around.. A possible spider hungry for ants who brings his own knives, forks and dinner wine, but I feel that we as listeners aren’t on the menu.

In the last track of this sonic inspiring album we meet up with the queen ant. Unlike all the stories that have been going around in gossip magazines like natural geographic; this queen is stunningly beautiful. She waves her skin in a room full of eggs with soft glowing light that brights up the corners into a decadent royal design. A wonderful little experience although we might feel that she is a bit busy making more ant friends.

Hear this organic micro trip over here for a interesting visit to a tiny world:


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