Mechaddoar – Dreist

Artist: Mechaddoar
title: Dreist
keywords: avant-garde, experimental, krautrock, progressive, rock, psychedelic
reviewer: Mark X

Oh what a delight to discover Dreist by Mechaddoar. It has everything to make the flowers on the wallpaper melt and the nerves in the legs start to act up with pleasure. The track ‘Disturb’ isn’t disturbing in any way if you are going for this piece as an active enjoying listener and perhaps spastic dancer! I can somehow imagine in a weird way that it might disturb someone who listen to it as if its second hand smoke of a cigar and the one being disturbed is a nonsmoker. But in all honesty this is the drugged up psychedelic fueled music that should kill all other music activities around you; so better play it loud and enjoy it as a rock mushroom that enjoys the mud.

To be honest with you I’m trying to blast this release so very loud over here as the walls are paper thin and the neighbor is playing and singing on top of Mariah Carrey which is the music that drives me literally nuts. It’s a vile battle over here between the ‘when the hero comes along’ and the guitar glitter of fine steam train raw material of wild energy that comes with the active instrumental power space rock of ‘Trust Your Ears’. It’s a weird combination to hear the guitars howl and get this stoner feeling of energetic psychedelic colored music and the Mariah Carrey trying to sing through the wall.
It makes the combined music a bit of a rolling fight against each other and I certainly hope that Mechaddoar wins and kills the neighbor’s ears with spunk funk!

Perhaps the monster singer trapped in the track named ‘Charless’ can come out for a bit, ring the doorbell at the neighbor and start abducting the Mariah Carrey fan and tune the neighbor’s soundsystem to this Dreist album. This is the music for leather jackets and green alien skin who don’t give a flying f*ck of other peoples music tastes! The monster singer might want to move over to the house next door and stick the owner’s toothbrush up the bum and then place it newly back.
It’s that kind of attitude that is celebrated over here!

The track ‘Butterfly’ seems to have gotten rid of Mariah Carrey… Oh, no here she is again.. Actually ‘I’ll be there’ for some reason fits in the gaps of the rough rattle snake kind of rawness of this track. I think of gin, whiskey and hot tubs full of rum when I hear ‘Butterfly’. Material to feel strong too and actually features fine vocals that are just as raw edged as the guitar that is as warm that it is hot.

The last track is my last weapon of the Mariah Carrey neighbor destruction. It is named ‘Realtime Counter’ and is nice and rough, a bit muffled at times; but if you put the volume even more up you’ll be fine… The voice sings nicely on top of this roughness as if it’s being received through an old school radio transmission. Unfortunately when the track has finished Mariah is still singing through the paper thin walls… I guess, playing this album of Mechaddoar might be relistened but at a even louder volume. If you need some nice rough and touch psychedelic noise rock to annoy the bad music taste of loud neighbors back; than ‘Dreist’ might be a good record to blast out loud and hang your head in.. Get it over here:

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2 Responses to Mechaddoar – Dreist

  1. Linda says:

    I don’t know why, the url is correct, but the link doesn’t work. (maybe needs explicitly http:// added to it?) When I refresh after finding it in another tab, it does appear. Just a message for all link followers: don’t give up there’s something to listen, you just need to do something for it (you sloth). }:-)>

    • Linda says:

      Ah cool!! I had three instances running at the same time!!! It was a lot less fun with just one instance, I think I’m totally yikisnised…

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