Alien Pop Band – Lucky Day (coz you’re here)

alArtist: Alien Pop Band
Title: Lucky Day (coz you‘re here)
keywords: alien pop, psychedelic, charming
words by: Boros Joltson

Never knew that aliens would be so attend and charming, but since my ears and eyes have enjoyed ‘Lucky Day’ by Alien Pop Band I can only say that this alien really makes the imago of aliens shine in a way full of good manners. Here our favorite ‘Alien Pop Band’ sings such a sweet song, in a psychedelic form of music that will change the attitudes of alien-phobic humans into positive attitudes. In fact the alien deliver his song in such a way that Prince charming on the white horse could probably learn from this wigged friend. The girl that the alien sings about must be a ‘very lucky girl’ with such a charming unearthly entertainer as her close friend. He sings with a sweet innocence and a warm golden voice that made me think for a moment of Willy Wonka showing us around in the love candy department of his chocolate factory.
What else do you want me to convince you to click and watch this pretty charming clip of the charming alien pop band?

If you like what you see and your ears have been hearing you might want to show some support and contact the Alien Pop Band secretarial bitch Lisa for an mp3 or purchases at ANTAGONIST FREAK SHOW RECORDS antagonistfreakshow[at]gmail[dot]com

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