Overthruster – Revursels

Artist: Overthruster
title: Revursels
keywords: lobit, breaks, electronic, experimental
label: 20kbps  http://20kbps.sofapause.ch
reviewer: Leo Obit

Every world or scene has its own special roten fruit or perhaps their own fonzy.
The one and only Overthruster is such a character who is undoubtly untouchable in its coolness and dedication to be lobit and recognizable in attitude. His releases are on prominent labels like Dramacore and 20kbps and even though it was a bit silent; Overthruster is back!

his latest release on 20kbps contains four typical over thrusting works that is perhaps not the right music to taste first, but feels more as ‘one special made for the long waiting overthruster fans’.
A little present that would keep the empty hearts of Overthruster fans do some fine skipping from excitement. I know my one did even a little ballet performance. (I’m glad my heart is inside my body because I just know that seeing it in a tutu would certainly give me nightmares..)

The release stars with ‘3rd bad cox’ which is coming across as a lightweight friendly piece of lobit fun. Overthruster brings in the rolling beats and an easy going pushing melodie with one of the harsher trademark sounds coming in towards the end. Overthruster really keeps this one light and friendly but don’t think the producer forgot how to party..

‘fester fluck’ is old school Overthruster creating a fine rolling party tune that gets the head and the shoulders loosened up and the feet moving in a uncontrollable way.  This is the stuff that should belong in some deep deejay set and played at a time that everyone is wasted and ready to go insane.

A positive title on this free release is the track named ‘ever1 dies’ which is more beat programming that feels almost a bit sentimental as if actually Overthruster is using this track to indeed think about it all. There is a deep sub-bass underneath it all but as my ears are listening through cheap ass earplugs the bass is unavailable over here for proper reviewing purposes.

The last tune ‘giga pumps’ is more fun with a bit of menacing electronic melody that your gangster friends would dig and do gangster moves on. It’s the track for baggy trousers half on your ankles, chains of bling swinging around your neck and gold teeth that bite down a chicken bone!
Get these 4 tiny lobit tracks over here and know that Overthruster aint dead, but very much alive & waiting to strike again like the old days:

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