Andy Rantzen – The Factory Of Unhappiness

artist: Andy Rantzen
title: The Factory Of Unhappiness
format: 3″CD / digital
keywords: alternative, anti-folk, antifolk, electronic, minimalism, ukulele, Sydney
label: 4-4-2 music
reviewer: Willem van O.

in ‘the factory of unhappiness’ by Andy Rantzen there can be gained a certain happiness out of the gritty products of unhappiness. It comes across as if Andy Rantzen takes us on a tour as if we had won the golden ticket  and now find the excessive joy to take a guided walk through this personal space that is this factory of unhappiness. You will be greeted with a Tom Waits like atmosphere but seemingly with the roots of electronic dance music shining through it.  Andy Rantzen’s voice doesn’t bring the heavy grinding torn out voice of whiskey and smoke, but more a easy to listen voice that sounds warm and never out of line. Don’t get me wrong the voice of Andy Rantzen does have a similar appeal in these hallways of this cozy factory, but it sounds more warm and not too extrovert. It is really a personal guided tour whiteout the pressure of a big fat studio with a tupperware box full of effects. Andy Rantzen’s factory of unhappiness sounds very minimal, yet very human compared to his ‘let them all in’ album.

This factory of unhappiness is Andy Rantzen as close as it can get; he throws off the masquerade of electronic high tech and shines on with spoken words on top of minimal but warm psychical interesting rhythms and the lovely sound of a well played ukelele. Every track cuts a different chapter, from advise (throw away your drugs) , from warnings (I am the executioner). The seven songs are like the seven dwarfs; all with their own special trademarks and input but yet all wear the hat and the beard and aren’t very long. A really nice and compact visit to this factory that makes me think that sometimes its okay to gain joy out of someone else their misery. This visit to the unhappiness factory of Andy Rantzen made me happy… Try and visit it for yourself over here:

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