Lezet – Inorgánico

Artist: Lezet
title: Inorgánico
keywords: IDM, jazzy, moody, experimental, ambient, noise, electronic, electro
label: Charlotte Sometimes http://charlottesometimes.bandcamp.com

Lezet is one artist that does many things; at least my ears have heard much different kind of things. On the label of Charlotte Sometimes the artist dropped another kind of thing. A thing that sounds like its pure electronic. The music on it is a homage to a legendary electronica artist which name we don’t drop but you’ll probably all know about. It’s that kind of thing you know? Of course everyone gets an instant idea of music filled with woops ,wobs and wubs but don’t think too much of that as this thing (also known as ‘release’) is not so much about that side of the music spectrum but much more Lezet’s impression created with special mindset.

If you put on your swimming costume of enthusiasm and dive in the first set of ‘inorgánico’ it’s as if you are landing on ice as the surface of the music sounds a bit frozen. Not wet or slippery but the dry kind of frozen. You might call it an excursion into a very minimal sound setup that if you listen to it at a loud volume with an open mind; might turn out quite groovy. Still I feel it’s a difficult opening as the other tracks are more welcome-in-the-swimming-pool-material.

I mean here the ice is gone, melted, broken and the track feels more like a hot tub to splash around in. Perhaps we could even say that ‘Inorgánico 2’ has more the offering of an analog bubble bath with a funky monkey drummer chilling out on his drumkit. A wobbling baseline for extra bubbling and this yakuzi is all set and ready to sparkle.

And that shiny foaming feeling really comes out in Inorgánico 3’ which features little acid underwater farts that smell like rosemary and are of a kind that you could find in a Greek bathhouse that has by definition four out of five stars.

In ‘Inorgánico 4’ we might compare the session with a big bathhouse employee wrapped in a towel giving our backs a beating with a gigantic plant as a form of back massage. I know it isn’t so very usual in most modern day bathhouses, but it’s good to engage in some culture exchange that in the end might be (or might not) be beneficial to our health.

the session continuous with ‘Inorgánico 5’ which is more a time of enjoying the fresh bubbled out skin and back after the plant beating treatment. It’s a melodic sparkling feeling that makes sure to give way to the feeling of new born endorphins that pop out of the mind for a pleasurable time.

But… The session isn’t finished. It’s time to get the nettles out and let the bathhouse staff do their thing for traditional sake. You can hear the masseur growling in ‘Inorgánico 7’ when he works hard applying the nettles on the fresh and clean body.

The last track is made by Lonz & Lezet and is of course Inorgánico 8’ and feels like a celebration with happy bells that ring as if to say ‘another happy bathhouse customer is leaving the premises!” . The soapy sounds are back but it feels now as if it’s now just perfume that hangs around the now glowing body that stands out of fresh health and happiness. You want to have the same treatment? Than please check it out and enjoy the session over here:

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