Matt Confusion – Satori, Take Me Away

artist: Matt Confusion
title: Satori, Take Me Away
keywords: blues, folk,  acoustic, blues rock, home recording, jazzy, lo-fi, night, singer-songwriter, Monza, jazz

Just before Matt Confusion lost all hope that we would indeed give in to his request to listen and write something about his ‘Satori, take me away’ album we drop the review that you are reading right now. It is a good moment to engage in ‘The Hope Waltz’ which is coincidentally the first track on this album. It’s a slow waltz, but indeed sound hopeful and his voice sounds very clear and easy going. His voice seems to be like a river that has no problem being on time and moving about the stream. It even meets himself for a duo towards the end of the waltz which is probably a trick in the production books than an actual encounter with a real life Matt Confusion clone.

The second track is the opposite of a mess, but the content lyric wise would tell you otherwise. Matt Confusion sings about dirty hands and being a mess which sounds more like a theme tune for a car repairmen at the garage shop covered in oil spots than a track referring to someone who over exceeded the toxicity in the bloodstream.
It’s a fine cool song, very bluesy and for some strange reason made me think of sean penn smoking at a gas-station.

Matt Confusion brings in the jazzy blues side with his ‘Slackers’ song. I believe a slacker is someone who doesn’t want to work, but I have to say that if the slackers listen to this song every single day they probably not start any time soon. Not because its not a pleasant song, but its the kind of music you want to hear while not working. The music that you hear when you enjoy recreational time sitting outside in the sun, or just in bed waiting for the day to pass by. It has this laid back vibe that makes me feel as if its an invitation to laziness.

The ‘Call’ by Matt Confusion is a song that is just as calming in how it comes across as the slackers song, all do the lyrics reveal a slightly insecure writer who is begging for (I believe) a loved one to call him up in order to know it some feeling is a mutual one. With the additional knowledge of these words the track becomes a bit tragic with no real answer provided if there will be a happy ending or not. Still the suspense turns out to be a really nice piece of an acoustic sing and songwriter classic taken from real life with all its doubt and hopes.

The personal store unfolds even more in ‘St. James Infirmary’ , but this time the insecurity that shined in the ‘call’ song has been replaced by a secure ego. One that is accepting perhaps of a love relationship not really working out well, blessing the lady in question and wishing her journey in life well.. but also confirming himself that ‘she’ll never find another man like me’.. Which of course is true as we are all unique individuals (I hope) , but still it sounds in the song as a form of a laugh of revenge.

A real nice song is ;For Real’ which has the blues deep inside and it’s here that the artist description of ‘being a Lo-fi blues solo guy playing songs in the night.’ really comes in mind. The production is again very laid back but has a high potential for listeners and fans of Matt Confusion to sing along. The nice vocals are nicely teamed up with a double layer making the song sound full and attractive.

Than Matt Confusion sings a song of success , or perhaps lets say its ‘succsex’. It’s the romantic sexy song on the album that probably would be good listen material for having cuddles and free fondling and perhaps even intercourse! So get your love over and make a road of roses leading to the bed, washing machine or sofa and hit up the romance while Matt Confusion provides the soundtrack of wild love.

The last song is smooth but sensitive side of Matt Confusion, it’s called ‘Birthday Party’ but feels more like a private song towards a lover in which Matt Confusion is trying to find the words to express his feelings. But music and the vibe speak for itself and you know what? It’s adorable and sweet!

Get the blues with Matt Confusion’s sing & songwriting skills over here:

p.s. also listenable if you are recovering from a hangover…

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