Омутъ Мора / Feldgrau – Split

oArtists: Омутъ Мора / Feldgrau
title: split
cat: FCKSPL 008
format: floppy diskette (limited to 18)
keywords: experimental, avant-garde, lo-fi, lobit, soundart, melodic, atmospheric, ambient, cinematic, noise, abstract,
label: Floppy Kick http://floppykickrecords.blogspot.com/

Омутъ Мора from Russia and Feldgrau from Poland are a couple that met eachother in the middle of an original floppysplit. Don’t think of a split with two legs facing a different wall, but indeed this split is one made of music. Омутъ Мора side is covering three experimental pieces that seems to make sure to bring an unexpected form of music with different influences and yet they sound as if they are very together.

The first track (Shelst Unynie) for example gives me the feeling of listening to a melodramatic game theme. Don’t think of a pixel Mario blobbing around the tubes and bumping blocks, but more in the trend of a game like Saw; in which you have to cut off your own leg to solve the puzzle. Don’t think that this is horror material music-wise, but it has a melancholic feeling over it that sounds atmospheric in a warm way without blood or other reasons to scream; unless of course you have a fear for an electric shaving machine which seems to make an appearance towards the end of the piece.

Another atmospheric work is Pchelinoe semya but this one has a completely different feeling. It’s like being trapped between reality of the hallways of the Vatican at night and perhaps fine tuning on a shortwave radio in order to receive a strange reception of an obscure Sunday session in a church.
It has the great acoustics that makes these places interesting and holy, but yet by perceiving them through a lo-fi experimental way it sounds much more appealing and private.

The last track supplied by this Russian artist is one named ‘Krylyshki na zatylke’ which will once again surprise the listener in the music maker’s diversity. It’s an experimental mix and match of interesting sounds, alternative deep rock hints and swinging space frogs. It has surprisingly something jazzy over it; even bluesy. It’s one of those tracks that can cover a whole range of genres together which makes this one of these tracks that floats above the others in originality. I feel this music can be appealing to fans of Mad Max, Coltrane and of course people that smoke sigarettes while shaking their fingers.
It has this cool flair that Ian Dury had, but without emulating anything or anyone than the artist’s own music exploration.

The part that makes this floppy a split has come with the music of the Polish artist ‘Feldgrau’ who brings an experimental track named ‘Breslau Breslau’ to the collection of music.  It’s an interesting piece that will generate a couple of visual appearance such as a vision of the beach, soft cluttering damp firework crackles, bushes in the rain.. But most important: aliens that like to suck on your face!
A great encounter and a perfect ending for this open minded experimental orientated floppy.
These works and inspiring pieces can be inserted in your ears if you go over to Floppy Kick (the floppy label) and order yourself one of these very limited floppies.

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