The Monk by the Sea – Leave The World Behind

artist: The Monk by the Sea
title: Leave The World Behind
keywords: ambient, ambient drone, drone, guitar, cinematic, new age, post-rock, shoe gaze, soundscape,space ambient, space music, Zagreb
reviewer: The Milkman

Hello and welcome at Yeah I Know It Sucks. Normally I am a milkman, delivering milk from door to door.
But today I take part in a little experiment and that is acting as if I’m a music reviewer.
The management of Yeah I Know It Sucks has brought out something that I had not heard from throughout my milkman career; ambient. I’m not a big music fan unless its a Bon Jovie song it doesn’t really make me warm or cold, and when I travel in my milkman from house to house I sometimes put on this tape of minimal house but that;s really a rare happening.. Normally it’s just silence in my van but the fellows of Yeah I Know It Sucks told me that I perhaps could add this music by ‘The Monk by the Sea’ to the usual silence and that it might make my daily work routine much more pleasurable.

I’m not sure if I’m the right milkman for the job to tell you about this ‘Leave The World Behind’ release,
but well… I’m here already and you too; so let’s get on with it. The first piece is well.. indeed… …. ….
I’m sorry did I fell speechless for a bit? So.. this … this is… this is ambient, right? ah I know its up to me to tell you about it, but as I have never heard ambient before I must say that I feel slightly overruled by this pretty sound.
I can just imagine myself in my milkman in the early morning driving around with ‘On The Mountain’ (that’s the title of the first track) .. the landscape of boring houses with sleeping customers in them will probably look much different, much more at ease.. pretty even.. and it might even make that nasty dog that always tries to bite me at that regular house fall asleep.. Anyway.. I’ve been rewinding this track quite a bit and feel a bit stupid that nobody ever showed me this kind of music.

The other track named ‘June’ is I believe more ambient.. ambient? That’s how they call it right? it’s basically pretty tones that form clouds or something.. I can’t really put my milkman finger on it, but it’s really nice and cinematic.
Yes, Cinematic.. That’s a word that it’s good for movies, right? A movie about a lonely early milkman who is always awake before everyone else, always hurrying like a race against the clock to deliver all the milk before the people go out of their houses to their jobs and stuff. The script for this movie might not be milk proof but the music really would make any movie look good.

The Monk By The Sea’ has absolutely no reference to milk or my occupation, but yet I find it an absolute mesmerizing piece of ‘ambient’. I even seem to understand the title, as there is indeed a certain serenity over it.. Something that you would suspect to hear when a wise old monk stands by the sea and stares at the horizon in some kind of one-with-the-world kind of way. Personally I must recommend this track for people that like to drink a cold glass of milk as the combination of the taste of milk goes very well with the soothing sound of the music. It makes the milk drinking experience in fact more of another dimension of taste and refined fineness. A recommended experience!

I bring around milk all year round, through snow, vocational time and rainy days. No season can be left without milk. In November I deliver more milk than in any other month, I can’t explain why.. I guess November is a milk month and financially i can’t complain. It’s good that this monk by the sea artist has donated a track for it.

By the time that my milkman ears reach the ‘ambient’ of the last track, I must admit that I feel very humbled by this release. I don’t know how to say it; it really altered my mind in a good way. I feel much more in sync with my inner self, I feel connected to my milk, my job.. But also at peace with everything. As if the time has come to leave this life for a reincarnation in to another person; it would be totally fine to me. Thats what monks believe in right?
I don’t know.. I’m very knowledgeable about milk but not so much about Buddhism, monk-hood or ambient.
But for the first time ever listening to this genre, I must say to anyone who doesn’t know about it; try this one out as its a beautiful start for a lovely journey into this genre, but also and foremost in the music of this Monk by the sea.  Okay, I have to leave it at this because I’ve got some milk to deliver. Here is a link to check out:

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