Dino Felipe – ampithetique

artist: Dino Felipe
title: ampithetique
keywords: elecronic, breakcore, chiptune, club, experimental, electronic, glitch
label: Darling Dada http://darlingdada.bandcamp.com

The introduction to a collection of early computer recordings by Dino Felipe named ‘Ampithetique comes across as entering a cozy playroom full crisper toys, cuddly buckets, walkie talkies, playful dogs, tiny psychopaths with cowboy hats and a southing children keyboard. What a variety of pleasure can be envied here, isn’t this the place we all want to stay to be spoon fed with inspiration?

Than ‘Janet’ comes in, she giggles a bit like a chicken before the creator Dino Felipe comes in with a orange melted head as a head. There is music coming out of it as if its a folk installation.  It’s like the parade in Disney land but than just with Dino and us listeners dancing and parading around like a carnivalesque instant party. I feel it reaching the same higher nights as the old classics from ‘The Doors’ in psychedelic-ness, but yet again Dino Felipe sounds more like a bagpipe player keeping his feet on the ground and refrains far from poetry. It’s just a good time in this small playroom and you are absolutely free to dance, or grab a toy to play along with as long as you keep it festive.

Now that we have had pleasure with ‘Janet’ and ‘Dino’ in the room, it might be an excellent idea to do a chair dance! We don’t even need a chair, just run around in circles and pretend there is a chair in the middle. If you step on a random toy that lay on the floor; please step a little bit harder. Every squeaky active sound is a good one!
Running around in a neurotic but exotic way and Dino Felipe will provide the perfect soundtrack to compliment every speedy move.

Than of course its time for ‘A Trivalette’ which starts as if Dino flushes triumphantly flushes a toilet before coming up with some excellent hyperactive wet armpits squeezing out all kinds of electric snippets that gets rather funky and freaky. There is also a computerized voice in there which adds a kind of guidance to the madness. It’s like a yellow road to hold on too and pointing directions while the craziness keeps the listeners actively involved and occupied with sounds.

Time for an interlude is always good to inhale some peace of mind and this one provided by our favorite Dino is one that is indeed very calming, but yet exciting enough not to make us sleepy. It’s like a quick smoke break to return directly to have fun in the piece named ‘Lotus Can’.

Yes, Lotus Can; is a track that I feel like saying ‘Yes, we lotus Can’ too. Why? Because it’s simply so much fun to hear, and really feels like a fine presentation of funkiness that is just begging for you to add your own personality to it. You can either bring out a can of beans, a Lotus Can, or something else to beat on. Perhaps if you haven’t been involved into slamming with the right sense of rhythm you can just let the music of Dino Felipe be soaked in your ears and let the body do the talking. Dance, move nicely until the world of this strange producer sucks us all up as if he has front top of a hoover pointed at our ears.

From the heavy interactive session it might be that some of the listeners are in need for another interlude. Luckily Dino Felipe takes the time to please everyone of his fans and new gained listeners by indeed bringing one to the EP. It isn’t that relaxed that its good for a break of smoking, but is a rather active one. The music shimmers around widely but not in your face making it perhaps a good time to move softly and not too wild and using the moment for the intake of a refreshing beverage.

The truth comes out at last as Dino Felipe comes with the final track on this collection of early computer recordings which is ‘Audio Illusions. It makes me feel as if I’ve heard it already before. Perhaps its the effect of a lost memory already hearing this release in the past, or perhaps its hypnotic trickery that the artist does from a great distance. Small little friendly sparkles of sound create a moment of glitter before leaving the place with some small deep swamp sounds.  This is Ampithetique at its best so whatever you do, get your life expanded by inserting this album in your head and have some fun with Dino and his special compiled tracks for Darling Dada:

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