Introspectral – The Weird Side of the Mundane

Artist: Introspectral
title: The Weird Side of the Mundane
keywords: experimental, sonic, journey, visionary, music, sound art , sweden

Listening to ‘The Weird Side of the Mundane’ with a reasonable pair of headphones is a recommendation; as this close up way of music experiencing (beaming It direct in the skull) is helpful to avoid missing out on most of the happenings inside. It starts with an ‘intro’ that made me transport to that ‘Moon’ movie made by David Bowie’s son. Of course the intro is short and more positive in sound, but still it is sci-fi enough to meet up with your own clone reading a book while a machine takes care of you.

The first track after the mood inducing introduction is one named ‘Flora’ and when indulging in it as a whole, it becomes a piece of modern futuristic funk with traditional funkadelic instruments replaced by electronic sounds, samples and interesting vibes. It has the rhythms that go against the stream, the science fictional feelings of a liquid alien orchestra that had been observing the creative music scene of soul-funk for years and now presents its own version of it. It goes from very active to more laid-back, but there is definitely a inspiration from older human made music to be found.

With ‘Microbiology’ the creator throws in a Asian atmosphere mixed with advanced technology. I can’t help to feel like being in a laboratory of Japanese origin with a secretive music & sound loving professor and a couple of new formed alien friends having fun. A well formed band of extraterrestrials making a new kind of music far hidden from news sources.

The musical content of a work named ‘layers’ functions a bit like a question and answer. It’s a track that nonstop transforms from mood and theme, as if it’s a dance show-off but than with experimental sound.  It start rather fresh and crispy with dusty campfire crackles but then makes way for an avant-garde moment that makes me think of aliens and special designed spaceship doors. Then a nice but slightly bizarre melodic moment shines through to be challenged by a similar looped piece that is of a clearer origin. The alien sound activity makes appearances all throughout the battle as if it’s the host that obviously has the last word in this work.

Memories’ is the next piece and leaves the concept of sound rivalry behind for a more togetherness kind of work. The artist isn’t fond of the category of soundcollage and prefers to be enjoyed as music, but I have to say that this part is in my mind definitely a soundcollage. Or perhaps we can change the word and describe it as a collage of memories. The memories here are probably to each their own but personally I receive images of playing a game of Half-Life, standing next to a fax machine and of course getting an implant while being abducted by aliens.

The last track is ‘lost in rain’ and let’s lie and say its hard rock of sounds. It isn’t really, it’s more conceptual ambient with a whole bunch of sound snippets as the soothing instruments of choice.
Some moments it is actually an ambiance in itself with soothing warm tones, squeaky ones that makes me think of squeezing out toothpaste tubes, fake teeth in glass cups and soft artificial raindrops.
Whatever it actually is, one continuous theme in all these tracks shines through; it’s a work that could be made by an alien. I sincerely suspect the music maker to be an alien of some sort.
And I don’t mean a person who is illegal in some country, but I mean literally a producer from outer space, dropping a album for us all to enjoy and learn from. (and perhaps learning along the way too)
You can hear it all at the following link:

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